Yulia Bogdanova "The story of my childbirth or how I was raped in the obstetric institution and how my child was killed"

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Extraneous words are superfluous - read it yourself. This story took place in the city of Bratsk, Irkutsk Oblast in 21st century Russia, in the Bratsk Perinanal Center. fraternal perithanal “For a long time I did not dare to write, remember that time - this is my personal hell, which, unfortunately, is now forever with me. But I must, I owe. For all of us, for the sake of our children.
Please read everything. I will make a reservation that in this story there is not a word of untruth, not even a drop of something embellished, I swear.
We waited for our first child Masha for 5 long years, I was treated, believed, drank handfuls of hormones, gave injections and everything worked out, the child was born healthy at the best doctor in Irkutsk (we ourselves live in the Bratsk region). We were happy. What was our surprise and happiness when, against the background of breastfeeding (1.8 years old), my husband and I suddenly learned that I was pregnant again. Itself, without doctors, without pills and stimulations.
I was absolutely happy, God gave us everything. I thanked God every day, worked at an interesting job, fell asleep with the thought that now everything will always be fine, our little ones will have a slight age difference and it will be wonderful, they will be friends and will be the closest people on earth.
As time went on, all the screenings were excellent, so was my condition. I was not going to give birth in Bratsk, spring came and this whole story with the covid was more and more twisted and frightened. We realized that we were afraid to leave Bratsk, then it was not clear how to return with the baby in our arms, and in Irkutsk the situation was more serious than in Bratsk. We decided to give birth at home. At the site I asked: whom I can give birth to for a fee, advise a good doctor. "
I was told that all the doctors are good, well, that and so and so and Kuzmenko (my ratchet) are paid for a fee, Kuzmenko's surname was heard, someone gave birth to her already and I decided not long to think that if she was here consider a good doctor, then I will give birth to her. Phoned, I came to her for the first appointment, in principle, I liked her, laughed, was good-natured, even ingratiating. For some reason, she looked at me in the chair, it was about April 3, the PDR was at 26. She said that the neck was ready and I would soon give birth, I was surprised and said that I would give birth on time. I don't want to. I asked about partner labor. We gave birth to our first daughter together and my husband helped me a lot. To give birth together was a great happiness. Kuzmenko replied categorically no, that because of covid it is prohibited. Then we met again and she again looked at me on the chair, like checking the readiness of the neck. She scheduled my next examination on Thursday, April 16, 3 days after the last examination, citing the fact that I have to give birth soon. To my question: why is the next appointment so soon and what to watch there, she answered that it should be so. As it turned out later, Thursday was her working day.
And in order not to miss the "paid" women in childbirth, she examined everyone rigidly on an armchair, so that they gave birth on her shift. I certainly didn't know that. But when the local newspaper published our terrible story, I saw the following comment: "Yes, the girls and I still laughed that Granitovna gives birth on Thursdays." I want to note that at all our meetings, I told her how easily and gently gave birth to my first daughter in Irkutsk and would not want any interference. On Thursday, April 16, she again told me to climb into the chair, she was kind and I wanted to trust the doctor, I told her not to do anything, asked, said that I want to celebrate Easter (next Sunday) with my family, that before the birth 10 more days and I don’t want to give birth in Holy Week.
She said that she would just look at the neck, but the examination was unpleasant, I will not say that it was painful. When we parted on that day, she asked if I needed a contract for childbirth, I said that it makes no difference to me, I need a good birth and a healthy baby. She offered to pay her hands after giving birth, arguing that this way more people will receive more money. When we parted, she winked at me and said that she was willing to bet that I would come today.
I was not ready, I didn't feel anything, I thought about how we would get together for Easter with the whole family and wanted to go to give birth on Monday-Tuesday. But ... after a couple of hours I felt light contractions, I was angry, I realized that she had done something to me. I called my husband and went home. Contractions became more frequent, I packed my things, ate and arrived at the hospital at 16. The contractions were kind of weak, not thorny, as with menstruation and I was in a good mood, which means it was so destined to meet with my baby on Maundy Thursday. I was taken to the family and then hell began. I always compare it with some kind of pipe, into which I flew like into the abyss and could not influence anything. I sat in the delivery room on the couch and waited for the contractions to become normal, corresponded with my family, people began to appear, a kuzmenko, midwives, and then a woman in a green suit came in, she had a very unpleasant face, later I called her Gestapo.
The Gestapo and Kuzmenko began to breed me for an epidural, it was to breed me, they said that it was far from childbirth, I could still sleep, why should I suffer, and so on. Later, when I was already conscious, I found a correspondence with a friend, where I write that I was taken to an epidural, we will attach this correspondence to the case. Of course, I could say no, but I completely trusted the doctors and agreed.
Then I don't remember the time frame, but the following happened: I was convinced that I needed a second portion of epidural anesthesia (I still cannot understand why it is beneficial for them to put it), the second portion was injected through a catheter, I told Kuzmenko that I had heard that many girls do not feel contractions, if the anesthesia is set incorrectly, Kuzmenko said that when I start giving birth, everything will be fine. I don't remember how much time has passed, but I start to give birth, while I only learn from the staff, I myself do not feel anything, they start running, fussing and yelling so that I push, which I naturally say that I do not feel mine bottom.
Kuzmenko in the hustle and bustle constantly repeated the phrase "do you want to give birth to a dead child or a disabled child", I pushed as best I could, but I swear I did not feel anything. Then they began to press me on the belly up, always press together, Kuzmenko and someone else. It was very painful to press with their elbows, from time to time they watched what was happening “there” and then continued to press with their elbows.
I began to choke on this pain. I told them that I was in great pain and that I didn’t understand why I didn’t hurt where I should feel pain and pain under the chest, where they pressed, even my eyes hurt. (As we later found out, the forbidden very traumatic Christeller method was applied to me).
Then something happened in the ktg, Kuzmenko started yelling: "Yulia, I am opening the operating room, are we doing a cesarean?" I told her quite strictly to do whatever she thinks necessary to save my child. "
She ran to ktg and began to drive them over the stomach, when she found a heartbeat, she shouted into the hall: we are giving birth. And then everything is the same, threats to give birth, a dead child, elbow pressure on my stomach, then I hear another stupid question from her, all this in a raised voice: "Yulia, we are making a vacuum," I was furious from such stupidity and told her : “I don't know what a vacuum is, do what you want, save my child.” They ended up cutting open my crotch and getting my girl out.
I just saw that her head was hanging and Kuzmenko's legs tucked her up to the head. Kuzmenko flew out with the family with the words: "bad Julia, bad." There was a deathly silence. I didn't feel anything, still no pain, the staff was around me.
I quietly said: why my child is not crying, I listened to the emptiness, some baby cried, one of the aunts said: you see, everything is fine, but I knew that this was not my child. I started crying and got an injection. Then they jammed me all night with fucking drugs because I was in pain. In the evening, my husband called to find out how were you, I did not pick up the phone, he called Kuzmenko, she said that the girl was in intensive care, but everything was fine with me. When asked why the child is in intensive care, Kuzmenko said, "YULIA HAS BEEN POORED !!!!!!!!!"
At 22-00 I called my husband, complained of terrible pain, he called my vomit, Kuzmenko said that everything is fine, this is how I react to uterine contraction. As soon as I regained consciousness, I experienced pain and was suppressed by sedatives. Morning came, I begged Kuzmenko to go to the baby, she said that it was impossible, but then I persuaded her. All the way I walked curled up in 3 deaths, because it was unbearably painful. I asked why it hurts so much, give me another injection.
We came to our Mila, she lay swaddled under a hood, she was the most beautiful girl in the world, then we did not know yet, but she had no chance at all. I said to Kuzmenko: what a beautiful daughter, ”she said that yes, she turned out to be a very beautiful girl.
And she took me away. I continued to complain of pain, they were waiting for the uzist to arrive at work. As I later learned from the Chief Physician, there is always an uzist on duty at the maternity hospital, he is just at home, but if he is called, he must come urgently. Nobody did this and I was bleeding for 11 hours. They brought me on a gurney to the ultrasound office, the uzist opened her eyes and said: there is blood in the uterus, a lot of blood! The last thing I heard was an urgent operation.
Then there was an operation: my uterus with the left ovary was removed, I lost 4.5 liters of blood in total, my heart stopped for 10 minutes.
All this time that the operation was going on, my relatives tried to get through to the doctors and to me, and naturally they did not know anything. Without phoning for lunch, my husband and his Mom went to the hospital, waited for a doctor for a long time, a doctor came out (not Kuzmenko), who took part in the operation, according to my husband, her hands and voice were shaking. My husband said that he could not get through and asked what was wrong with the child. To which the doctor said, forget about the child, Julia is on the verge of life and death.
Then 2 days of unknown for my loved ones, I come to myself in intensive care for a couple of minutes, I remember something. For example, how the doctor bent over me and said: Julia, you hear me, you will live, you are flying to Irkutsk. I was flown to Irkutsk by the Ministry of Emergency Situations for 3 days, there I underwent another operation and I regained consciousness only after 3 days.
I was transferred to the post-resuscitation ward in the gynecological department of the regional hospital. The doctors did not give any predictions. I don’t know what my loved ones experienced in these terrible days. Our newborn daughter Mila was immediately checked up and told that we had no chance, not a single one. The brain is dead.
After resuscitation in Irkutsk, I learned to walk again, I lay there for a month, all this time without seeing my relatives due to quarantine. I had a terrible fear of dying. A psychotherapist was called to the department, he prescribed pills, because I could not sleep at all and all the time I was either quietly crying or howling. My husband was in touch with me 24/7, even at night he never turned off the sound of the phone, because I could call him in a panic. I wanted to die and held on only because of my eldest daughter and relatives.
I remember the first time I was allowed to go to the shower, I was no longer so weak. I got up in the middle of a shabby shower, looked up at the ceiling and said: "Lord, tell me that this is all untrue, let me just open my eyes and it will be a dream." Finally, after a month, I was discharged, I remember how my husband picked me up from the hospital, I went out into the street and realized that I had missed spring. When I went down the stairs of the entrance to the hospital, everything was gray, only smelled of spring, but here everything was green and in blooming apple trees. It was inexplicable.
I was in a hurry to go home, I knew that my girl and one and the second were waiting for me. The eldest seemed to have lost the habit, but we all made up for it. Mila was waiting for me in the intensive care unit. I could not get to her for a couple of days while the covid test was being prepared. I was allowed to come to her on Friday.
My girl, all mine, my angel, given to me by God, my baby who was killed by the doctors. Friday. On Monday Mila was gone. Our daughter lived 41 days. We buried her when apple trees were blooming throughout the city. I also brought an apple tree branch to the funeral. My little angel, spring girl.
A criminal case has been opened. Transferred to a special department in Irkutsk. Expertise is appointed. A good answer came from Roszdravnadzor.
I live with my pain, if it weren't for antidepressants, I don't know what would have happened to me. Seeing a good psychologist. I'm waiting for the operation. After all the manipulations, I developed a vesicovaginal fistula. In other words, I always piss. In huge pads, you can't go anywhere from home, get up 7 times a night - “there are many charms.” ((((After this operation (I hope it will be soon and successful) I will have plastic on my stomach.

Bottom line: if you remove my emotions.
I cannot understand one thing, how can I live with the fact that I came with a full-term healthy pregnancy, I am strong and healthy myself, all the tests were always normal, I came to the doctors at the obstetrics facility, I believed them, I expected them help. How did it happen that my child was killed, and I was made disabled, and why this scum continues to work.
We (women in labor) were forbidden to take our confidants (mothers, husbands ...) for childbirth, in order to do anything behind closed doors with us, to rape us, to make disabled our children .
Where the fuck are the cameras ???? When I asked the head physician this question, do not laugh, he answered me: "Do you know how much they cost." When I asked the same person the question: “Why was the child squeezed out to me, this is a forbidden technique,” this little man answered me that they did not squeeze him out to me.
When asked how he was so knowledgeable, he was not there, he said, attention !!!! "The doctors told me and I believe them, they can't lie." When I contemptuously told him that he had all the bribe-takers and that they were stealing under his nose or with him, ”he threateningly jerked me away:“ Are you an inspector ”.
Kuchkin - so the surname of the doctor in our maternity hospital, knew the answers to almost all questions, except for one: "how a healthy woman with a full-term healthy pregnancy came to give birth to his institution, where her child was killed, and the woman in labor was made a disabled woman."
Hell, we didn't even have a fucking entanglement, prematurity or overweight, nothing, everything is ideal. How, like Kuchkin and company, I have to live with this thought of peeing at night because of a hole in the urinary tract. Scum. That's all. Of course, the documents are forged and the testimony does not match reality. But this is obvious (((("
These are chest burns from a heart fibrillator

after operation
This is Mila's House, from which she was eaten out, pulled out, along with the uterus. The first days after resuscitation.

Mila is dying
Mila dies in intensive care

After the operation, a hernia came out. We need plastic until they can do it, because there are a lot of other problems that need to be done first.

kuzmenko tatiana doctor
Kuzmenko Tatyana Granitovna, seemingly a normal person, but a snickering grabber who made a bunch of mistakes, for which she must answer.

A criminal case was initiated on the grounds of a crime under Part 2 of Art. 109 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, on the death of M.P. Bogdanova. Senior Investigator of the Investigative Department for the city of Bratsk of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Irkutsk Region V.A. Mamortseva.
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Oles05 сентября 2020, 17:00
They are not afraid to do evil. But killing a baby doesn't go so easily. The souls of child killers will be forever cursed.
Sergei26 августа 2020, 21:24
How can you hate people and your job to make such a seam? Like a cattle sewn up - a disgrace to our medicine, cynics and murderers.
Adminuss26 августа 2020, 00:43
Julia, don't back down. Evil, let alone the murder of a child, must be punished.