“Now I hate them, my colleagues.” Or how the doctors in Saratov do not care about the lives of their colleagues

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A nurse from Saratov says:
“You understand, now I hate them, my colleagues.” I cannot name these people and colleagues. I am an operating sister ....
- I was a patient of our regional oncological clinic. It infected me with a coronavirus infection.

I went to the hospital on May 12 and stayed there until the 22nd. It so happened that when I had already had the operation, an epidemic started in the department. Immediately isolated those who had a temperature.

At first, the paramedics concealed this information from us.
When the epidemic began, they locked me and two other patients in the room so that we would not go into the corridor. Three of us took the smears only a few days later.

My first test was negative. I was sent home. My husband took my documents to the polyclinic (city polyclinic No. 3 on B. Gornaya) so that they would know everything about me. That I was contact, that they took a smear from me and the result was negative.

Some doctor called from the clinic and said that they supposedly “connected” me to her and that she should watch me. But no one came to me and no one else called.
Five days passed of my self-isolation and then my temperature began to rise. Frightened chills. And I realized that, I caught an infection.
I contacted this doctor, and she says to me: "Urgently call a doctor." I called the clinic, described what my situation is, what problems and complaints.
I asked them: “Please come to my house. I feel very bad".
As a result, two hours later, a woman called me, who introduced herself as a doctor on duty and said that it is Sunday today, she will not come to me, but she promises to transmit all the information to my local doctor. She said: “You don’t need to call the local police anymore, I’ll transfer all the data.”
I asked her: “What treatment can I start already? I understand that you don’t want to go to me, but at least give me some help! ” She replied that all questions to the district police officer.
It's Monday. It’s twelve o’clock in the afternoon. Nobody calls me, nobody comes. I called again the doctor who supposedly oversees me. I say: "Yesterday I wrote to you that I have a temperature, but the doctor did not come to me."

She went to the reception desk, they confirmed that there was a call, but I allegedly refused a doctor’s visit. Then she writes to me: “Why didn’t you say that you have a temperature?” I answer: "How could I not say this if this was the main reason for calling the doctor?"

Then the head of the department called. When I asked if they would take a smear on me for a coronavirus, she said no. “Your statement says that you were in contact on May 18, and now on June 1. Therefore, you cannot have any coronavirus infection, ”she snapped.
Then I just burst into tears.
Later she called me back and said that the doctor would come to me all the same - today, but the smear will be taken from me tomorrow, because the smears are allegedly taken on certain days due to an agreement with the laboratory.

Another two hours passed. I called my husband and said: “If you don’t go to the clinic now and make a scandal for them, as I understand it, no one will come to me, not a single doctor.” My husband, to put it mildly, is an emotional person.
He went, filmed on the phone camera everything that happened there. The husband told them that until the doctor came to me, he would not leave the clinic. They waved him off, just closed all the doors in front of him . But in the end, the husband got to the deputy chief physician.

Later I was told that the district police officer should not come to such patients as I should. That they have some kind of special brigade, but that it’s not clear. As a result, a young man came to me. Without protective clothing, without a bathrobe. In a disposable mask and gloves.

I asked him: is it a volunteer? To this he was indignant: "What are you, I have been working for a long time." I say: “What if I'm sick? Where is your protective clothing? ” He was embarrassed for a second and said: "I do not need anything, I have a mask, there are gloves and this is enough." I asked him: “But if I'm sick, how will you go to some other patient in this form?” If he does not protect his health, but there are other people.

He listened to me and for some reason decided that my condition was postoperative complications. I assured him that there was no pain, no redness. And the sutures are applied intradermally, which do not need to be removed. I am an operating nurse by profession, I do not need the help of a surgeon. Then he informed me that I allegedly had a banal ARVI and left.

The next day, they came to take smears. The girls said the results will be ready in two days. I passed on June 2, but in the end I got the result only on the 8th. The result came. Negative.

The test was conducted by the laboratory at the 5th children's infectious diseases hospital. On the same day I received my tests, I immediately ran to the KDL laboratory - to take an antibody test. I donated blood, called the DI center for computed tomography of the lungs and did it on the same day.
The result came that I have antibodies, which suggests that I have a coronavirus infection. Computed tomography showed that I have bilateral pneumonia. A test conducted in a state laboratory is negative. That is, it is a complete falsification.

I again contacted my doctor and again asked her if the test gives me reason to calmly move around the city. She says, “Yes, of course.”

As a result, on June 10, I in a mask and gloves came to Kaldyshkina for an appointment and at first I did not show the results of the diagnosis, but I began to ask her: can I do some additional research?
She answered me that I do not need to conduct any additional research.

Then she decided to measure my saturation - this is the saturation of blood with oxygen. A special apparatus, a pulse oximeter, is hung on a finger.
And I had a very low volume of oxygen - 91 with a lower limit of normal at 95. And the doctor says: “You know, it's just stuffy in the office, it's hot. Now, if I measure my saturation, it will be the same. ”

She listened to me and said that the lungs are absolutely clean. That I have neither wheezing nor any other prerequisites for concern.
I told her that I still do not have a sense of smell, still a wet cough, but she did not react in any way. I specifically gave her the opportunity to fill out all the documents and paste them into a card.
As a result, I ran out of patience and I laid out the results of the research I conducted for my own money on the table.

She swept over.

She stated at first that it was impossible to trust a private clinic. Then I took out a second document - from the laboratory. One that says I have antibodies. After that, she started screaming that I had no right to come to the clinic. I say: “How so? You told me that the test was a 100% guarantee of my health. ”

Then the doctor ran to the head of the department. What they talked about is unknown. They did not explain to me who was responsible for my treatment.

By the way, I keep in touch with patients who were with me in the same ward in the oncology clinic. The woman who confirmed the coronavirus and was sent to an ophthalmologic clinic, apparently, the disease is asymptomatic. She was not given a single pill or a single injection.

Moreover, she is a cancer patient, but not a single surgeon was in this hospital. She asked her to have a dressing, and there was no one to do the dressing. And the man only had surgery.

I called the Rospotrebnadzor. They very much asked me not to give up this business. They promised to tell me what to do in such cases. Since my rights are violated. I do not want to back down. After all, anyone can be in my place.
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