"I don't know which door to knock on. Please help." Daria Voronina spoke about her mother, who is denied treatment for coronavirus

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On October 7, a resident of the city of Belovo, Kemerovo Region, Daria Voronina wrote down an appeal, where, with tears in her eyes, she told the story of her mother's illness.

- “Mom is in the hospital for the third day. There is no positive trend. Doctors say: only with a positive result for coronavirus, she will be taken to Kemerovo. And if the result is negative? She does not get any easier. The situation is just as difficult.
girl about mom with covid Is it really impossible to take her to some hospital so that there they will definitely help her? She has a large lung injury. I don’t know which door I should knock on so that people would pay attention to us. Please help, the girl says.

According to Daria, on October 1, her mother turned with a high temperature of up to 40 degrees, headaches and a severe cough to the therapist of the regional hospital in the village of Inskoy. She had an X-ray of her lungs and a smear for coronavirus. Later, on October 4, it turned out that the smear was negative.

- “Even at the reception, the doctor, seeing that the X-ray results were bad, and my mother with a fever and a strong cough, which was before vomiting, sent her home for treatment. Prescribed medications and antibiotics for her.
In the morning of October 5, we called an ambulance, it arrived only six hours later. Mom was taken to the therapeutic department of the hospital in the village of Inskoy. There she waited another 20 minutes for the doctor in the corridor with an oxygen cylinder. She was already very bad.
Later, in a dying state, with low oxygen saturation, she was transferred to intensive care.
Lung involvement was about 80%.
Now she is in an artificial coma in intensive care, and, as doctors say, she is not transportable.

On October 5, the woman was re-tested for coronavirus, three days later she tested positive . Since covid-19 was not confirmed by the first test, she received treatment for bacterial inflammation all this time.

On October 9, it became known that thanks to the resonance in social networks and local media, the patient, Elena Zaripova, was drawn attention to the Ministry of Health.
After the publication of the video message in the comments to this article, other residents of the Kemerovo region began to describe stories with the hospitalization of their relatives.

“I myself was in the same situation today. Mom's heart, bilateral pneumonia, they gave a referral to the 1st polyclinic, they said call an ambulance, since all hospitals are overcrowded, they will only be admitted with an ambulance. The bottom line. Inskoy sends home treatment! There are no seats. I put the first hospital on my ears, and in Inskoy I sat in the office of the head physician. Useless! One answer. There are no seats. That will get really bad, bring it. While walking, we are treated at home. "

“My mother has a temperature of 39.5, left-sided pneumonia, tests have never been taken in 10 days! Never! First, they were treated for ARVI, then, when it became very bad, they called an ambulance, took them to the hospital, and in the hospital they answered that there were no places! Prescribed injections and sent home for treatment! "

Svetlana Kolomiets told how her grandfather with a temperature of 40 was taken by an ambulance several times from hospital to hospital in Guryevsk. As a result, they were taken by ambulance to Kemerovo, but it was too late - pulmonary edema. The test was negative twice and positive at autopsy.

From these reports, one can easily conclude that doctors treat patients with devil-may-care negligence. No special measures are taken, hospitals are busy, there are no places, patients with fever are kept outside, where people catch colds even more and the course of the disease is complicated.
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Doctor05 ноября 2020, 14:12
You will get even more sick in hospitals. It's cold, there is no medicine. Treat yourself at home. Protocol + ALWAYS allocate a separate room or something else. Heat the air temperature to 30 degrees - so that it is very hot !!! .. Be sure to humidify the air and inhale fir phyto oils, etc. Also iodine, inhalation with an antibiotic (stopangin), vitamin C at a dose of 1-3 grams per day to stabilize and not destroying the cells of the body during illness. Aspirin for blood thinning. In general, do not in any way bring it to mechanical ventilation. In our hospitals, they will pretend that they will be treated, but no one is responsible for death at all. No person - no problem and the budget is saved.