"I go out into the yard in the morning and howl." Or another child's death ...

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On the night of September 18-19, a two-year-old boy, Miron Kuts, died in the intensive care unit of Children's Hospital No. 3 in Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk Region. He had not been connected to a ventilator for too long.

After kindergarten, Miron's temperature rose to 39. Drool profusely flowed, it was painful to swallow.
Myron is gone, but we haven’t realized it yet. I go out into the yard in the morning and howl. Next comes the roaring grandfather. But we cannot become limp in any way. The son-in-law hardly eats, he has to be fed through force. And the daughter sits with a frozen gaze and cries.

When the ambulance arrived, Miron vomited. The paramedics reassured: it's okay: vomiting - from the temperature, probably, poisoned. He was prescribed drugs to normalize his stool.
But after a couple of hours he felt worse, Myron began to choke.
Parents called an ambulance for their son again. But the paramedic immediately realized that she could not cope on her own and took the mother with the boy in her arms to the substation to be transplanted into the ambulance.
There, for some reason, they were taken to an office for examination. The staff of the resuscitation team issued some documents, gave the child an inhaler and gave him an injection. And only then they put me in an intensive care unit, gave me an oxygen mask and went to the hospital.
Myron felt a little better. But at the hospital, Miron was unloaded in the emergency room and the oxygen mask was removed.
At first they said that they had to wait for a resuscitator. But he did not walk for a long time. Then the ambulance doctors advised Olesya to run to the intensive care unit faster. On the way, she met a doctor. And he returned them to the emergency room. Myron by this time was already very bad. He could not sit on the couch and fell on his side, his lips turned blue. The doctor began to listen to his grandson with a phonendoscope, and the nurse offered to measure the temperature. Finally, the doctor said: why was he brought in so late? And he took Olesya to the door of the intensive care unit.
the child was killed by doctors And a few minutes later the doctor returned to the mother and said that the child was gone.

Myron's father left the night shift at MMK when he learned that his son was being taken to the hospital. He found Olesya hysterical on the floor of the emergency room. The nurse tried to give the woman sedative pills and persuaded: "Be strong, there will be more children."
family More than a hundred people came to Myron's funeral. His grave is almost invisible from under the fresh flowers and toys.

According to the hospital site. Doctor Viktor Mushtey is an anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the highest category and has a diploma from the Kyrgyz State Medical Institute from 1984.
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