Doctor Kosareva, a witness to the murder of a baby, is threatened with violence

29.09.2020 None
The head of the neonatal resuscitation and intensive care unit of the Peritanal Center of the Kaluga Regional Clinical Hospital of the North Caucasus Federal District of the Ministry of Health of Russia threatens the doctor. Mostovoy Alexey Valerievich.

Tatyana Kosareva, a doctor at the Kaliningrad maternity hospital No. 4, a witness for the prosecution in the case of the murder of a newborn baby, turned to the police with a statement about the threats she has been receiving since November 2019.

The author of the threats, as indicated in the statement, is the chief freelance neonatologist of the North Caucasus Federal District, Alexei Mostovoy.

According to Kosareva, he demanded that she give deliberately false testimony in court, and thereby help the accused in a criminal case to avoid punishment for the murder of the baby. Otherwise, Tatiana Kosareva and her children were threatened with physical violence.

According to the application, a pre-investigation check has begun. If the facts are confirmed, then a criminal case will be initiated under Article 296 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Tatyana Kosareva is a witness in the case, which is currently being considered in the Kaliningrad Regional Court by a jury about the murder of a child by doctors neonatologists Belaya and Sushkevich.
A statement to the police from Dr. Tatyana Kosarevatape
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