- "Doctors constantly hinted to me that" everything will be fine "if I pay them a little"

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A resident of Uryupinsk, Volgograd region, 25-year-old Svetlana Selivanova lost her child and this is what she says.

- “It all started with the fact that on April 15 of this year I went to the antenatal clinic because of a delay. I had a positive pregnancy test on my hands. The doctor examined me and recorded me for an ultrasound. And the next day I started bleeding. I called the consultation again, I was told to come to them. ”Upon arrival, the doctor on duty immediately sent me for an ultrasound scan.
An ultrasound scan showed that the fetus was alive, but in order to maintain the pregnancy, they offered to go to the hospital.
Of course, I agreed. Before hospitalization, I was sent home to get my things. In the hospital, they dripped me for a week, and then they announced that my attending physician was on sick leave. The new doctor examined me only a couple of days after that and sent me home without doing any ultrasound or additional appointments.
On April 28, severe pains in the lower abdomen began at home.
I called an ambulance. The doctors arrived quickly, but they did not know where to take me, because the gynecology department of the Uryupinsk Central Regional Hospital was quarantined. While the doctors were deciding where to take me, I started vomiting.
For about three hours, I just sat on the floor in some room, I vomited very badly, but no one gave me any pills or drugs.

On May 6, they changed my attending physician , examined the new doctor on a chair, but said that an ultrasound scan was needed.
On May 8, after the study, I was informed that there was no heartbeat or a baby. I was very surprised, because a few days ago I had two ultrasounds and I had a baby, there was a heartbeat. Where could he go?
I got hysterical. The next day I asked to go to another hospital, but they told me that I could leave only after May 12, just then the uzist of this hospital had to leave.
I had another ultrasound scan, and after the results of the miscarriage tests, they gave me a pill so that the remains of the fetus came out. I drank it and after that I was discharged without ultrasound. "
Uryupinsk hospital After the incident, Svetlana was not only morally, but also physically exhausted. The news of the miscarriage was a tragedy for the couple.

“In addition to all this horror with my health, I survived in this hospital an outbreak of coronavirus and a terrible cold. It was very cold in the department, I put on terry cloth pajamas and a bathrobe and woolen socks, but still my teeth ached from the cold.
Doctors constantly hinted to me that "everything will be fine" if I pay them a little .
Why should I pay them for what they already get paid for? Why do we have to pay bribes to heal? At the same time, freezing in the hospital, from which we are not voluntarily released anywhere.
violated standards - "I want to achieve justice and plan to apply to the prosecutor's office for a checkup at the hospital. I want people who also suffered from the negligence of these doctors to respond and tell their stories."
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