In Ufa, an elderly woman lay helpless on the floor of a ward for several hours

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In the 18th hospital in the city of Ufa, Bashkortostan, an elderly woman lay on the floor for several hours until she received help.
This was filmed by a roommate. She says that her grandmother fell off the couch, but no one came to her cries and pleas for help. The woman sent the video to her daughter-in-law, who posted it on social networks. The video appeared on social networks on September 27, 2020.
In the video she says - “Nobody comes to us.
Grandma fell down. It has been lying for three hours, no one can lift it.
There are no doctors.
The door is tightly closed.
Nobody needs us.
We're not getting out of here. "
The woman who posted the post writes: “Last night my husband’s mother was admitted to the 18th hospital in Ufa with suspicion of coronavirus. Today we received such a video. The negligence of the doctors is simply terrifying! Mom’s temperature is over 39. No one even comes up for half a day! "

This video was posted on social media. networks, the son of a woman Ural Akhmerov, who filmed this video and asked for help from caring people. The recording quickly became popular, many commentators, referring to their experience or relatives, argued that this was not uncommon in the hospital.
According to Ural Akhmerov, the elderly woman received help only when doctors saw the recording.
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