In Tver, not waiting for medical help, a pediatrician died from a heart attack

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Nina Aleksandrovna Azizova - pediatric physician of physical therapy. For more than 19 years, she worked at Tver City Clinical Hospital No. 6.
On the evening of October 30, the woman felt ill and called her eldest daughter Alena.
Alena says: “Mom said she was sick, dizzy, heartache. I called a taxi, went to her house. From there I already called an ambulance. The team arrived, the doctors took an ECG and decided to take my mother to the hospital. ”

But Alena and her mother had to wait 40 minutes to wait for doctors in the admission department. When the therapist finally came to the patient, it became clear that it was necessary to call the cardiologist on call.
“After about 20 minutes, the therapist returned without him, reporting that the cardiologist refused to go to the emergency room, advising him to take an X-ray.”

In order not to lose time, the girl herself went for a specialist.
“A nurse met me in the corridor, asked the purpose of the visit and went to the cardiologist’s office.
I stayed in the hallway, but the door was open, and I heard their conversation. The cardiologist asked the nurse to inform me that he was not there. ”

Then she went to the doctor herself and demanded help from her mother. The specialist conducted an inspection, but found no problems. “He said that he does not see health problems, with the exception of the level of white blood cells, and he needs x-rays of the chest. Advised to do them in the morning. To my question, what was wrong with her, he rudely answered: "I do not know what is wrong with her . " I asked for hospitalization, to which he refused. I asked for the prescription of medications, which he also refused, and said to go home, and then left. ”

The Azizovs did not manage to get to the house. Nina Alexandrovna became ill again, and she asked to call in to the cardiovascular center, which was located next to the hospital. There, a neurologist prescribed a computed tomography, which showed that there was no stroke.

The woman was sent home again, but her condition continued to deteriorate.

“I called a second ambulance, I said in 112, and the brigade, so that they were with a stretcher, because my mother will not reach. Two women came, a doctor and a nurse, such a terrible attitude. "
- Dad and I raised mom together, the staff simply suggested we call the neighboring apartments so that the men would come out to help take mom upstairs. Not in the ambulance, but upstairs, home! The doctor refused to watch mom on the stairs, she also did not call for intensive care.
All the help of this team was limited to an ECG and ten tablets of glycine.
Nina Aleksandrovna, as Alena notes, was forced to sign a refusal of hospitalization, and the next morning she was advised to consult a local therapist. But up to this point, the woman has not survived.
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