A criminal case has been opened against a psychiatrist in Saratov

11.09.2020 Adminuss
In Saratov, a citizen asked the head of the department of the Saratov city neuropsychiatric dispensary to remove him from the psychiatric register.
The doctor, for a reward of 70,000 rubles, promised him her assistance.

sar psycho disp According to the publication "Vzglyad-info", a 62-year-old woman was caught red-handed on September 7, 2020, right on the territory of the hospital at the address: Saratov st. Zagornaya, 3
The head of the department deceived a citizen who turned to her with a question about deregistering from a psychiatrist. The suspect promised to remove the information from the database for a monetary reward of 70 thousand rubles.
BUT in fact, the patient was removed from the register back in 2011 after recovering, however, the health worker did not tell him about it.

The transfer of funds took place in the doctor's office. After that, she went out into the street, where she was detained by the FSB officers. The woman hastened to throw out the bag with money in front of the witnesses.

A criminal case was initiated under Part 3 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Fraud committed by a person using his official position".

According to Vzglyad Info Saratov, this is a psychiatrist Rumia Nevmatulina.
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