In St. Petersburg, a girl died who, from April 16, called an ambulance several times, but did not wait for her

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In St. Petersburg, 30-year-old Maria Simonova died, who had called an ambulance several times since April 16, but did not wait for her.

According to the Fontanka newspaper, the girl complained to her parents over the phone about pain, in particular in the area of the kidneys, from April 15.
According to relatives of Simonova,
On April 16, in the afternoon, she called an ambulance, but she was told that “there is currently no way to send a team, as hospitals only accept patients with coronavirus infection.”
On the night of April 17, the girl became worse, she again turned to the doctors, but received the answer that "assistance is impossible due to the lack of places in the hospitals of the city."

Since April 17, the girl has stopped responding to calls from loved ones. On the evening of April 18, the door of her apartment was opened in the presence of her parents, and the girl was found on the floor with no signs of life. Examination identified congestive heart failure and chronic nephritis as the causes of death.
According to the City Emergency Medical Station, from April 15 to April 18, four appeals from Maria Simonova’s apartment were registered. Calls were switched to the district emergency department of St. Petersburg City Polyclinic No. 54 in the Kalininsky District. On April 17, a call was recorded at half past four in the night; on April 18, three calls were received: at 14:19, 14:50 and 15:53.
The parents of the deceased appealed to the prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee , because they believe that the actions of the doctors contain signs of a crime under Part 2 of Article 124 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Failure to provide assistance to a patient without good reason by a person obligated to provide it, resulting in the death of a patient by negligence”).
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