In the Omsk Region, doctors transported a patient between two hospitals for a week. Result of the death of four children

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In the Omsk Region, doctors transported a patient between two hospitals for a week. Due to incorrect diagnosis, the 44-year-old mother of four children died of a stroke.

The criminal case was opened after the brother of the deceased Leonid Evseev wrote an open letter to the Minister of Health of the region Dmitry Vyushkov.
He said that on February 13, his sister felt very sick and made an appointment with the therapist. The doctor measured the patient’s pressure, which at that time was 240 by 150. Instead of hospitalization, the doctor gave a pill that lowers blood pressure and prescribed a prescription for the drugs. At home, the woman became worse, and her husband called an ambulance. After half an hour, the doctors arrived to examine the patient and said that she needed hospitalization.

For an hour, a woman in a district hospital was lying on a stretcher in the hallway on the floor.

After this time, the doctors decided to send the patient to another hospital, which is located 40 km in Kalachinsk. When the husband called the medical institution in the morning to find out about his wife's condition, he was told that she had been transported back to the Gorky Hospital.

The next day, my husband was asked to buy Actovegin ampoules and bring to the hospital.

According to the spouse, the woman was not given medicine and was left in the treatment room.

A day later, the family was informed that the patient was in intensive care and was being prepared for transportation to the Kalachinsky hospital. Already there, the man was told that his wife was transported in vain, and was advised not to let the ambulance go in order to go back. Elena’s husband insisted that a neurologist examine his wife, after which she will have an MRI and an X-ray of the brain.

Saying goodbye to her husband, she motioned for him to kiss her, and, jokingly, threatened him, pointing to her eyes so that he would not cry. When she was taken to intensive care, she waved her hand.
He didn’t see her anymore. On February 19, at 6:50 a.m., a husband received a call from the Kalachinsky Central District Hospital and said that “your wife is dead,” the letter of the brother of the deceased woman says.

Elena Evseeva ended up in intensive care after four trips between hospitals, but by that time time had been lost and the woman died.

They rolled back and forth twice, drove 160 km along the road, lost time, but no help. The responsibility was removed, no action was taken, 160 km, 8 hours without the help of a person, said the widower of Elena, Stepan Evseev.


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