In Moscow, the head of the maternity hospital №27 Marina Sarmosyan was arrested

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In Moscow, after complaints from patients, the head of the maternity department at the City Clinical Hospital named after S.I. Spasokukotsky (former maternity hospital No. 27) Marina Sarmosyan.
The manager is suspected of negligence (Article 293 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and the provision of services that do not meet safety requirements (Article 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

The investigation into the staff of the maternity hospital No. 27 of Moscow began after the statements of four patients whose children suffered during childbirth.
After an internal audit of the Moscow City Health Administration, the entire management of the hospital was dismissed in its entirety.

“According to the results of the internal service audit and departmental control activities related to the numerous requests of patients regarding the activities of the maternity hospital of the City Clinical Hospital named after S.I. Spasokukotsky DZM "a decision was made to dismiss Marina Aramaisovna Sarmosyan, the head of the branch of the maternity hospital, as well as the dismissal of the heads of all departments of the maternity hospital," said the Moscow City Health Ministry.

Tatyana Bengraf is one of the patients who made allegations against the hospital. She believes that due to the actions of doctors, her daughter became disabled.
According to Tatyana, during the birth, doctors under the guidance of Sarmosyan used extremely aggressive methods, which caused irreparable harm to the health of her daughter: first, the doctors allowed an overdose of epidural anesthesia, and then resorted to squeezing the fetus, which is dangerous both for the woman in labor and for the child. As a result, the girl survived a clinical death.
She says - “In the 27th maternity hospital, they killed me under a contract for 160 thousand healthy and full-term babies weighing 3,760 - with perfect tests and a wonderful pregnancy!

When the moment of birth came, Tatyana's husband was nearby. According to him, despite the positive forecasts of doctors, his wife began to drain green amniotic fluid, which is why the child began to suffocate.
“At that moment, the doctors deceived us: they said that if we do not agree to epidural anesthesia now, then the child will finally suffocate. They deliberately misled us, and we, of course, then agreed to anything ”,
Due to an injection, his wife stopped labor, the child's heartbeat began to skip due to a decrease in the impact of anesthesia. “Despite this, the doctor decided to continue the natural birth.
She called Sarmosyan - three more men came with her. They surrounded my wife: one held his legs, the other squeezed on his stomach, trying to push the baby out. Sarmosyan at that time ordered to press or not. ”
The child was choking when he was removed from the womb - according to the man, the doctors “threw” the girl onto her mother’s stomach, her heart did not beat.
Resuscitators immediately ran into the operating room, who were on duty at the door from the arrival of Sarmosyan. “Resuscitation lasted ten minutes, my heart was beating for a fifth. Of course, my wife was in a state of shock, sobbing. And I sobbed, ”Roman admitted.

The woman claims that gross errors were made both during childbirth and during resuscitation of a newborn baby.
Tatyana also accuses the head and employees of the maternity hospital of substituting medical documents in order to “cover up the traces” of the crimes committed.

Also in the same hospital, “Streptococcus, which led to meningitis, was brought to a child of Ira and Kirill Yudin, and the child now lives unconscious in intensive care for more than six months!
Bystry Valeria was killed the child by overdosing on EA (epidural anesthesia. - RT) and squeezed, instead of the cerebral cortex of the brain, in the child.
Maria Kasatkina was overdosed by EA and squeezed out - a child with a tracheostomy, had been on mechanical ventilation for several months. All children have palliative status, everyone was sent home to die ! ”

Many of them note that Sarmosyan advocated natural childbirth and refused to appoint a Caesarean section for women in labor. According to Bengraf, who was the head of the department of Sarmosyan, she personally attended three of the four women in childbirth who applied to law enforcement agencies with accusations against the hospital.
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