The level of cynicism is somehow prohibitive. Or how May Holidays on the nose made a small tumor inoperable

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Doctors of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Center for Maternal Health refused to conduct an operation on a cancer patient on the eve of the May holidays.
When the child was shown to doctors after a long weekend, they concluded that the tumor had grown into bone marrow and became inoperable.

A terrible diagnosis is Ewing's sarcoma. In the district hospital of Minusinsk, a boy was diagnosed with a neoplasm in the neck. The child was sent to the regional center for MRI. An accurate diagnosis was made already in a hospital in Novosibirsk, where the boy had surgery to remove the tumor.
Six-year-old Vlad survived 10 chemotherapy blocks. After this, the disease finally receded: the patient began remission. In April, the attending physician performed a final CT scan, examined the boy’s picture and saw a small neoplasm. The size of the new tumor was about 1.5 cm. Parents were told that there was nothing to worry about: it could be easily removed. > The oncologist who led Vlad, at that moment was on vacation, so the child was engaged in the surgical department. On April 29, neurosurgeon Maxim Tsatsa, having looked at all the documents, said that he would not be able to operate on the boy now, because the May holidays are on the nose.
They refused to do an emergency operation, assuring that the tumor would not grow in a few days, and the little patient was discharged home.
The substitute oncologist refused to send the child's documents to the Novosibirsk hospital, where they were ready to perform the operation.

Due to the reluctance of doctors to hospitalize the child on the "big weekend", the boy had to go to Minusinsk, which is 450 km from Krasnoyarsk. During a long journey Vlad caught a cold. In his condition, this meant that he would not be able to return to the hospital immediately after May. Before the operation, he needed to fully recover - doctors said so. Because of this, the boy could not get to the planned hospitalization on May 6. It is this circumstance that the doctors will later blame the parents, trying to somehow justify what happened.

When the family returned to Krasnoyarsk, doctors said that the tumor had not only grown, but also penetrated the bone marrow. So, it is impossible to operate on the child in this case. Only on May 20 the boy was hospitalized. Despite the high temperature and weakened immunity, he was in a cold room, the boy’s father Artem Belyakov told in an interview with Izvestia.

“We needed an operation after which we could have radiation therapy and go into remission. In one day, my family and all my loved ones were brought to a state of complete collapse. The child nearly died. In the hospital, when the boy started to have a fever in the cold ward, my wife came to the post of a nurse and asked to call a surgeon. The actions were taken as follows: we were told that Dr. Tsatsa is now in the dining room, and then they brought us a heating pad filled with ice, ”said the boy’s father.

Doctors refused to do the boy an MRI, explaining this by the fact that in the main perinatal center of the Krasnoyarsk Territory there is not a single working device, and offered to wait a week. Then the boy’s father went to a private clinic to take a picture for a fee. But after 15 minutes, the doctor called him and said that the device was repaired. "According to our operation, a consultation was called in another hospital, and our neurosurgeon replies that if they need it, let them do an MRI. As a father, I wanted him to break his head in despair. Having already watched an MRI, he said that the scope of work was too large and he could no longer do anything. When I began to be indignant, he replied that on April 29 I did not lie at his feet and did not beg to take my son for an operation. If anyone thinks I'm trying to scam him, then I am ready for any checks, including a lie detector. This is my only and desired child, I entrusted him to the doctors who nearly killed him.


He turned to the head of the department with a request to read the results of CT, but she replied that she did not know how to do this, and then asked to leave, saying that she would call a specialist in this case.

“Already at the door, I heard her on the phone solving her personal issues related to buying a car. I just freaked out and left. The level of cynicism is somehow transcendental. During these few weeks I lost 20 kg and turned gray "

Now, after the first chemotherapy block, the tumor began to gradually decrease.

Ewing's sarcoma is considered a highly aggressive tumor that quickly metastases. Doctors working in the main children's hospital in Krasnoyarsk cannot but know such things and write off everything to the case. But the medical community, according to the parents of the child, is trying to hush up the scandal, pretending to send a cancer patient with a neoplasm home is commonplace.

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Margarita24 июня 2020, 13:05
Here are the bastards! So mock cancer patients, everyone must be judged!