Svetlana Odinaeva "How to deal with the soullessness and inaction of these clerks ???"

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A resident of Novosibirsk, Alexei Odinayev, was denied hospitalization and analysis for coronavirus infection.
The 26-year-old young man had a high fever for 12 days, but the ambulance doctors found no reason to deliver him to the hospital.
On the incident on his page “VKontakte” said the mother of Alexei Svetlana. According to her, the guy was sent to quarantine on May 4, since then his health has only worsened, the temperature has remained at around 38 degrees.

On Wednesday, May 13, her son began breathing difficulties. He had to break the quarantine to get an x-ray.
As a result, he was diagnosed with left-sided pneumonia and hydropneumothorax.
“X-ray experts said urgent hospitalization is needed. After that, we turned to the Regional Hospital on our own, but they refused us there, ”said Alexey’s mother.
She said that she had called an ambulance again and had been waiting for the brigade to arrive for more than six hours. Odinayev was delivered to the emergency room of the regional hospital at 00:10, but they refused to accept him there.
At 3:00 a doctor was brought to the hospital (on Mukhachev Street), but they did not begin to issue him there either. At 3:30 the family called a taxi and headed to the region. the hospital.

Then his mother writes: - “From 4:00 to 6:30 we sought hospitalization. At 7:00 on 05/14/2020 he got into the ward. At the moment, at 14:00, only tests were taken, despite the urgent need for him to do a drainage in his lungs in order to remove water and air. How to deal with the soullessness and inaction of these disbelievers? ”

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