Tied to a bed and left without medication or like a granny was killed in a hospital

18.10.2020 Adminuss
"Tied to a bed and left without medication" Patients of a covid hospital in Chelyabinsk accuse doctors of the death of their grandmother (or deliberate murder) in the department. This is just a murder under Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation or not providing assistance under Art. 124 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

A video from the hospital at the Chelyabinsk OKB No. 2 appeared on social networks, where coronavirus patients are treated. The author of the video begged to find the relatives of an elderly patient who is dying without medical help. According to the woman, the doctors tied her to the bed and practically do not fit.

In the video, the grandmother is called Valieva Lyubov Leonidovna.

Here's a story from the video:

"The 2nd hospital of the Chelyabinsk Regional Clinical Hospital on 18 Gagarina St., the grandmother is lying for the 4th day. The poor woman is fighting for her life. Doctors do nothing. There are no medications at all. They just stupidly wait until my grandmother dies. The doctors don't fit, I can't call. They just don't fit and that's it.
Come and look alive, not alive, turned around and left. These nurses.
Who recognized his grandmother, his mother, take her away from here while she is alive. Granny suffers, she suffers greatly.
Valieva Lyubov Leonidovna. Take her out of here. Hands are tied. For the 4th day she just lies on her back, there are already bedsores. Do not turn it over, do nothing with it.
You see the blood clotted, the catheter was inserted 2 days ago. All the little blue pens, you see tied ... "

By posting this heavy video on social networks, the woman hoped that she was saving her grandmother. And the attitude of doctors towards a sick woman has really changed.

Roommates in the ward told what changed after the video was published in social. networks: - "Yesterday evening they began to look after her. They put an IV drip, an injection. This morning they wiped her off, but, unfortunately, she died anyway.
And they brought her in good condition.
Grandmother called her name, asked to go to the toilet.
When asked how she was doing, she raised her thumb and showed that everything was fine.
But in recent days, the department has turned into a vegetable "

According to neighbors, the doctors admitted that the department did not have enough medicines. The women asked for the phone number of their grandmother's relatives so that they could buy the medicine themselves. But no one answered the requests.
coma grandmatied grandmathe doctors tied the granny
grandma is dying
The editors sent a request to the Investigative Committee of the Chelyabinsk Region to verify this fact in accordance with Articles 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, clause 2 of Art. (The murder of a minor or other person, knowingly for the guilty being in a helpless state, as well as involving the kidnapping of a person) and under Art. 124 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Failure to provide assistance to a patient)
If you have such facts, we ask you to contact our editorial office or publish on the website.
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Irina23 ноября 2020, 13:09
Criminal Code of the Russian Federation of 13.06.1996 No. 63-FZ Article 124. "Failure to provide assistance to the patient" n2. Failure to provide assistance to a patient without valid reasons by a person obliged to provide it in accordance with the law or with a special rule, if it entailed the death of the patient through negligence or causing serious harm to his health, - shall be punishable by forced labor for a term of up to four years with the deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions, or engage in certain activities for up to three years or without it, or imprisonment for up to four years with or without the deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to three years.
Oles19 октября 2020, 01:00
Granny was not watered, not fed. She was simply killed by inhumans in white coats. They don't even realize that they are committing ordinary murder. It feels like it's a daily routine for them.
Adminuss18 октября 2020, 23:51
May the earth rest in peace to you. And let it burn under the feet of inhuman killers in white coats.