After the death of a child, the Investigative Committee of the Krasnodar Territory opened a criminal case

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After the death of the child, the Regional Investigative Committee opened a criminal case, the cause of the death of the child could be the negligent attitude of the doctors of the hospital, located in the village of Kanevskaya, Kanevsky district, Krasnodar Territory.

Grandfather and grandmother brought their granddaughter to a medical facility on August 17. They told the doctor how the granddaughter cries and waves her hands from pain in the stomach.
“Afanasyeva, the doctor on duty, came for an examination, and immediately declared:“ She’s a hysterical girl, they don’t behave like that because of stomach pain! ” Grandmother told her that Sasha is a very calm child, if she cries, it means that the pain is really severe ”,
After that, the nurse gave the schoolgirl an anesthetic injection, and the doctor shone a flashlight in her eyes and gave an x-ray - when the pictures were ready, the doctor said - "there are no abnormalities, no surgery is required. She has a virus - bring it to the infectious one."

In the infectious disease ward, the 8-year-old girl was agreed to be admitted after all patients have been examined. At the reception, Sasha asked to go home, citing fatigue and poor health - in response, the doctor recommended drinking two tablets of activated charcoal and making an enema, after which the family returned home.
The next morning, the girl was already in extremely serious condition: she was almost unable to walk and was very pale.
Relatives of the schoolgirl took her to the hospital again - hospitalization was achieved only after a conflict with employees of institutions.
Already in the intensive care unit, the child was diagnosed with a small intestine inversion. Later, the girl was taken to the operation - and the doctors claimed that she was successful. When asked by relatives whether the child can be transported to Krasnodar, employees of the local hospital said that this was not necessary. And on August 19, Sasha died.
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As the sister said, “We were told that death was due to intoxication, although the conclusion in the column“ reason ”indicated“ intestinal upset ”. We have already talked with many specialists and they all agree that the surgery was too late - 14 hours after we first contacted. If laparoscopy had been done before, she would be alive. ”

After the death of the child, the Regional Investigative Committee of the Krasnodar Territory opened a criminal case.
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In the hospital of the Stavropol Territory, five patients were infected with HIV during treatment. The Investigative Committee completed the preliminary investigation of the case and handed over the materials