In fact, it rotted alive. No medical assistance was provided to him

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Retired policeman Vyacheslav Lopatin, died after a simple bowel surgery from an infection that no one was going to treat.
He was 58 years old. He had an intestinal disease, which should have been cured in the OKB No. 1 in Pervouralsk.
He was scheduled for a planned operation on July 4, 2018. A few days later he was released home to Pervouralsk, and there he was again taken to hospital, where he died on July 24.

As the lawyer Roman Kachanov said, "Vyacheslav needed a simple operation, which was performed in the regional hospital in Yekaterinburg. But after the operation, he started having complications, and he was discharged from the hospital anyway."
In the materials of the criminal case there is a conclusion from the forensic medical examination bureau, where it was indicated that after the planned operation, Vyacheslav began to have a complication. "
lopatin At home, in Pervouralsk, Vyacheslav Lopatin's wife did the dressings for him herself, but he did not feel better, and after a while a high temperature rose. Lopatin's wife insisted on hospitalization.

The doctors did not immediately notice that complications had begun, they did not help him.
Vyacheslav's wife is a physician herself, she herself ran and begged for help, to be taken to another hospital, where they would receive medical assistance. But the doctors did dressings and said it was nothing serious. As a result, Vyacheslav developed diffuse fibrinous-purulent peritonitis, and he died.
In fact, he rotted alive. No medical assistance was provided to him. When the infection started, the symptoms showed up, but no one did anything.

The death certificate states that the patient died due to a poorly performed operation in the hospital and the cause of death was an infection and a suture defect during the operation.
The Pervouralsk hospital underestimated the severity of the patient's condition and could not cope with the complications.
certificate of The Verkh-Isetsky court of Yekaterinburg recovered from the Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1 and the Pervouralsk City Hospital in favor of the widow 500 thousand rubles and 300 thousand in favor of his son.
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Sasha13 сентября 2020, 01:01
Doctors just don't care. They know there will be a small fine that the hospital will pay. And the hospital will recoup this money by increasing tariffs for paid services. And everyone is happy ...