On the supply of ultrasound machines or how corruption begins

10.05.2020 Adminuss
At the end of last year, the FAS, after long trials, finally found direct signs of anticompetitive agreements between SMS Technologies LLC and their usual competitor, NIKP Elektron CJSC, when supplying digital X-ray machines in the Saratov Region.

These are the same “SMS Technologies”, which, for example, in September 2018 delivered 12 ultrasound machines of Chinese manufacture for children's clinics in Saratov, Engels and Balakovo (the initial auction price was 50.7 million rubles) - and this equipment was accepted, despite statements about its inconsistency with the customer’s requirements and complete “unsuitability” (it turned out that similar devices were delivered to other regions only once - in the Volgograd Region for the city station for combating animal diseases).
A couple of months before that, in the same way, SMS Technologies had mastered 17 million in the supply of mechanical ventilation devices, according to experts who were physically physically unable to work with children with serious diseases of the bronchopulmonary system, as required. According to data from open sources, such a wonderful SMS Technologies LLC was created back in 2004 by Oleg Sipyagin, who since then has been not only its owner and beneficiary, but also a permanent director. (LLC SMS Technologies, the CEO and founder of which is Oleg Sipyagin. The company is registered in mass: in addition to it, more than 40 companies are registered at 88 Chernyshevsky, the authorized capital of the Sipyagins is 10,000 rubles. But this absolutely did not interfere with OOO “ SMS Technologies "conclude government contracts for one and a half billion rubles !!!)

An ultrasound machine worth 2.2 million rubles to the clinical perinatal center of the Saratov region under the contract of May 10, 2018 was supplied not by SMS Technologies LLC, but by another supplier - Ilsada LLC. At the same time, in May, it was selected as a supplier of laparoscopic instruments for electrosurgical devices to the regional hospital of Saratov by almost 2 million rubles.

But the publicly available, output from Ilsada LLC is owned and owned by Oleg Sipyagin, the LLC is registered exactly in the same place as SMS Technologies (Saratov, Chernyshevsky 88), even their phones match. For the sake of objectivity, we note that several commercial structures are directly registered at the same address, directly connected with Anna Sipyagina, the wife of the director and owner of SMS Technologies and Ilsady.
That is, the corruption and commitment of the authorities and the merchants are highly evident.
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