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23.12.2020 Наталья
Honored Worker of Culture Nadezhda Shvedova from Kaluga died from covid and not providing honey. help. Her relatives think so.

Her daughter says:
We all had to fight the illness that my mother developed in early October. Despite the fact that all the symptoms said that the mother had COVID-19, she could not get help for 10 days ..
X-rays were taken only on October 15, but the results were promised in four days. Therefore, at our own expense, we took my mother to Obninsk.
There she underwent a computed tomography, which showed that from 50 to 75% of her lungs were affected. Nevertheless, even with these results on hand, they did not want to hospitalize my mother.
from covid
“On Monday, she felt really bad. They called an ambulance in the morning. In the evening, instead of an ambulance, a doctor came from the clinic.
Mom refused to give a referral for hospitalization, he did not even want to watch her. They called the ambulance again, and in the end, after seven hours of waiting, the ambulance was taken to the hospital by the ambulance. Although I had to persuade, they did not want to take it.
On October 19, my mother was hospitalized and the diagnosis was confirmed - coronavirus. Her condition was constantly getting worse.

Pains appeared due to pancreatitis, which passed a little, but the body stubbornly did not want to take food. While drinking broth. Ultrasound was promised, but never done. They don't do any analyzes for three days "

On November 5, relatives announced the death of Nadezhda Shvedova.

On the same day, the Ministry of Health of the Kaluga Region hastened to give an official comment. The message says that a concomitant disease was to blame ........................................ ................ all humanity is gone.
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Ivan26 декабря 2020, 10:30
This is the bottom of our medicine.