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A resident of Koloksha, Vladimir region, Pavel Gennadievich Yasonov, died on May 17, 2020 at the regional Vladimir oncologic dispensary. He was 64 years old.
For two and a half months Pavel Gennadievich and his daughter did everything to save him. But the daughter was unable to save her father.
We publish her story:
- “This photo we took with my dad on May 12. Before he went to the ward. I never saw him alive again. On May 15, the operation was performed, it was successful, almost bloodless, but two days later he died of a heart attack - his heart was not survived: when he went to the operation, he was very weak, hemoglobin was 79, although before it was kept at 112. We lost the time when the father could be saved "

Further, how it all began:
"- On February 29, I brought my dad to the Red Cross,
" I myself have been working as a nurse for 22 years. Back in January, we noticed that he had strong signs of intoxication: he did not feel well, did not eat, he had a fever. We live in Koloksha , but they didn’t dare to take him to the Sobinskaya regional hospital. ”I took him to Vladimir.
In the hospital, he was diagnosed with a very high level of leukocytes and was sent to the second city hospital - to Tokarev.
There we were well received, they promised that they would examine us completely and put us in the therapy department. Doctors took tests, changed antibiotics, dripped with various drugs - it was useless. On March 19, my father was discharged from the hospital. At the same time, his body temperature was 38.7, as at admission. And the doctors said, "You will have more opportunity to deal with your father."

20 days were wasted. The diagnosis in an institution with a whole department of functional diagnostics was never made. If you translate the diagnosis in the medical discharge into Russian, you get "high fever of unknown origin, maybe cancer."

He found out that Pavel Yasonov had a cancer tumor on his right kidney measuring 7 centimeters and an abscess when his daughter started taking him to paid clinics, examining everything: intestines, heart, kidneys, lungs ... The daughter immediately took her father to the regional oncological dispensary ... They offered to make an appointment in ... two weeks.

By hook or by crook, Natalia got an appointment with an oncologist. In late March - early April, doctors began examining my father. It turned out that the cancer is operable - without metastases. But evil fate in the form of coronavirus intervened in the matter. The necessary specialists now and then found themselves in self-isolation, and they did not want to put in the patient's department with a temperature ...

Natalya says: “We did everything we could: we performed supportive procedures at home. But time was running out, and along with it, dad’s life. There was a moment when my hands completely dropped, I did not know what to do. It’s very scary. And then I went to the regional health department "

The regional health department received Natalia and was told categorically: we have self-isolation, no one will help you. Write a statement, we will consider it within a month.

It was useless to communicate with the officials of the department. Natalya continued to collect reports for the oncological dispensary on her own, seeking meetings with leading specialists.
Only on May 6, when the leading hematologist concluded that the high content of leukocytes in the blood was not a consequence of blood cancer or coronavirus, but a direct consequence of kidney cancer, and the doctors agreed to operate on the patient.
On May 15, they had an operation, but 2 days later Pavel Gennadievich died of a heart attack - his heart could not stand it: when he went to the operation, he was very weak. Precious time was wasted.

Rock or regularity of Russian medicine?

In the medical history there is the first report on the ultrasound examination of the kidneys. According to colleagues, it was conducted by a very good specialist. But this good specialist did not see anything and did not determine kidney cancer in SEVEN CENTIMETERS !!! Was this not done intentionally? so as not to heal and not bother with people 64 years old ..... (the size of an adult kidney is about 100 mm)
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Дмитрий ОЛегович13 августа 2020, 07:35
Dear Natalia! I sympathize with your grief. The situation you described is a fragment of a unified picture of our healthcare, professional and moral qualities of doctors. My mother also got into this picture, a criminal case has been going on for a year and a half. During this time, I have gained vast experience in working with the investigation. But you definitely need an experienced lawyer after you apply. If you have not filed an application with the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Vladimir region - do it as soon as possible, otherwise the statute of limitations will pass. Write to me in the comments on the website if you need additional advice.