We are all in a hurry, but we need money too - for your birth

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- "Why are you giving birth for so long, how long can you? We will hand you over to another shift. We are all in a hurry, and we need money too - for your birth. What, we spent the night in vain?"
- "Bring the vacuum - we will drag it."

About childbirth of the Yudin family in maternity hospital No. 27.
Their son was in a coma from the second week of life. Parents, on the basis of medical documents, explain that the infection, which led to such consequences, was brought during childbirth in the former 27th maternity hospital in Moscow.

Irina Yudina says:
"Everyone was in a hurry: the midwife was in a hurry, Sarmosyan was in a hurry and said:" Why are you giving birth as long as possible? We'll hand you over to another shift now. We are all in a hurry, but we need money too - for your birth. What, you and I spent the night in vain? "At the very end, Sarmosyan says:" Bring a vacuum - we will drag. "
yudins As Irina says, "After these words out of fear, she gave birth herself in one and a half minutes."

After giving birth, the newborn had a blue head - a cephalohematoma, a dent in the skull deep into the crown.
At discharge, the child had leukocytosis (this is an increased number of leukocytes, which indicates inflammation or infection)
Father Kirill Yudin began to figure out how his son with leukocytosis could be discharged from the hospital home. He found out that the documents contain additional notes, postscripts and direct contradictions .

Kirill Yudin says - "This was a deliberate falsification. My fears were confirmed in court as well."
The falsification is evidenced by copies of documents that prove that the printed text was corrected by hand.

The Yudins filed an application with the Investigative Committee and a criminal case has been opened at the moment. The family gives evidence, participates in confrontations and in every possible way assists the Investigative Committee in the investigation.

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