We are cannon fodder for them. But we'll go all the way

28.11.2020 Наталья
I want to tell you the story of Irina Dormidoshina from Moscow, who was mutilated in the Botkin hospital.
This fact was recognized as an accident, but the fact of the doctors' cynicism, threats, falsification and intimidation of the patient is striking.

woman fell Irina Dormidoshina underwent a planned laparoscopic operation in the 22nd gynecological department of the Botkin Hospital on September 18. The operation was successful, but immediately after it, as recorded in the patient's discharge summary (the document was signed by the attending physician Leonid Cheporev and the head of the gynecological department, Roman Kuznetsov), a misfortune happened: “the patient, upon 'awakening' from anesthesia, fell from the operating table and received a bruised face wound ".
In addition to the bruised wound of the right superciliary, the following are listed: a closed fracture of the left iliac bone, a closed fracture of the proximal phalanx of the third finger of the left hand, a bruise of the soft tissues of the first toe of the left foot.

After the operation, the relatives tried to call Irina, but for a long time no one answered the calls. Then they began to call Dr. Cheporev, but he did not answer the phone. And only on the third day, Irina was able to tell the truth.

On Monday, September 21, the children Alexey and Ekaterina arrived at the Botkin hospital together. “We waited three hours at the entrance on the first floor.
When they were finally allowed inside, they were escorted to the administration. There were four doctors in the office, including Vladimir Bedin, deputy chief physician for surgical care, and Roman Kuznetsov, head of the gynecological department.

Ekaterina says: “We were told that she herself fell. Then they explained that they had conducted an internal audit and reprimanded the employee, depriving her of her salary supplement for several months. However, the name of this employee was not disclosed.
When I asked if the incident was medical negligence, the deputy chief physician began to shout at us that we should not teach him and that it is not for us to decide.
They yelled so that I was taken aback. They attacked me, all four, how many of them were sitting there. You provoke us, you threaten us. They repeated "but we did an expensive operation for your mother, what do you want?"

When we saw our mother after the operation, we were speechless: “There is no living space. There is a hole in the head, sewn up in an ugly way , the hand is in a cast, the eyes are blue, swollen, the big toes are black. The whole body is bruised. How was it necessary to drop a person like that? "

The next day, the relatives, having decided that “the conversation would not work,” called the investigative-operational group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs department for the Begovaya district to the hospital.
The police major and the investigator were also not allowed in for thirty minutes, and then they were escorted not to the victim, but immediately to the administration to the deputy chief physician Bedin. Where Bedin started shouting at them: “Who are you, what are you doing, now I’ll call your boss. He said that they must first come to him and report, and only then do something.

Son Aleksey asked: "Why are you putting pressure on the police?" And he kicked him and his sister out of the hospital.

Then Alexei says: "After the police arrived, the doctors called a council and asked my mother for forgiveness. Further, the doctors tried to resolve the conflict: Cheporev was running all this time, asking: sign a paper that you have no complaints about the hospital."
It happened very annoyingly. Now one will bring a leaf, then another. Once they gave me a stack of papers and said that this was my discharge summary. Mom began to sign, and there, under the epicrisis below, she was slipped a waiver of claims. "
After being discharged from Botkinskaya, this story did not end. When Irina Dormidoshina came for a scheduled appointment at the 219th polyclinic, the general practitioner opened the UMIAS system and saw that Covid-19 was found in Irina Dormidoshina, and this information was transmitted from the Botkin hospital.

According to Irina's assurances, numerous tests in various laboratories have shown a negative result.
And relatives believe that thestory with the coronavirus was made so that they stay at home and did not complain anywhere.
dormidoshindoctors jambsdischargefalsified diagnosis
Doctors falsified the deadly diagnosis of COVID, and falsified official medical documents, then this is a forgery of documents. And if doctors insist on the version of the coronavirus and have not been treated, then this is already an article - not providing medical care.

Now Irina Dormidoshina continues to receive treatment. She will have to spend at least six months on sick leave.
The bruise on the head has not yet gone away. One eye is blue and numb. The bump on the head has moved to the side of the temple and the side of the head where the blow fell does not feel anything. A broken finger will not bend. A woman cannot serve herself completely in everyday life, her daughter helps her.

If the brush is not restored, the woman most likely will not be able to work in her previous job as a cashier in a store. Now she needs a long, expensive rehabilitation with a traumatologist, the costs of which are not covered by the compulsory medical insurance.

Irina's children say: "People are one hundred percent sure of their impunity. They pretend that nothing happened. We are cannon fodder for them. But we will go all the way."
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Valya30 ноября 2020, 23:35
Broken finger is an average harm to health. They won't get off with a simple reprimand.