The Minister of the Omsk Ministry of Health Irina Soldatova stole on a grand scale

30.01.2021 Наталья
The Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the Omsk Region opened a criminal case against the former head of the regional ministry of health Irina Soldatova, director of the state institution "Directorate for servicing the state health care system of the Omsk region" Viktor Babikov and other persons.
They are suspected of committing a crime under paragraph "c" of Part 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Exceeding official powers with causing grave consequences." The punishment under this article provides for imprisonment from 3 to 10 years.
The criminal case was initiated on the basis of the materials of the operational-search activity submitted by the FSB of Russia in the Omsk region.
The victims in the case are the regional Ministry of Health, and the amount of damage is estimated at 105,120,652.42 rubles.

After Soldatova's resignation, her deputies Anastasia Malova and Georgy Butaev, and the chief physician of the perinatal center, Lyubov Semina, left their posts.

Irina Soldatova did not appear in court and was put on the international wanted list. The stolen money was enough to buy real estate in the United Arab Emirates, and according to operational data, it is located there.
Minister of Medicine of Omsk
Former head of the Omsk Ministry of Health Irina Soldatova

When she was the head of the Omsk Ministry of Health, on October 27, 2020, two ambulance teams stopped at the ministry building, with patients with severe pneumonia, since there were no places in hospitals. Cars started honking and only after a few hours were beds for hospitalization found. What became of the patients is not known.
Meanwhile, the minister and her accomplices were plundering millions.
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Sergey Sergeevich30 января 2021, 15:40
She herself could not steal 100 million ... There are a lot of people involved in the lover, and who supplied and who received ... Doctors and bureaucrats from the Ministry of Health have zero conscience ... Doctors can calmly kill with their indifference. And bureaucrats from the Ministry of Health kill hundreds and thousands of people by supplying low-quality equipment, drugs or plundering money necessary to save people. In China, such creatures would have been put up against the wall long ago, and the organs would have gone to those in need.