Doctors like jackals devour their own. Piercing nurse post

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Reprint of the post
I am Petrova Elena Aleksandrovna honey. the sister of GBUZ RM RKB4 of department 5 yells, one I bring up the 6-year-old son.
04/22/2020 after a worked shift she came home with a fever, cough, with changes on an X-ray and called a therapist. But my superiors called me to work in quarantine on the cove, in the red zone, forced to cancel the call of the therapist, saying that otherwise they would send my data to the police, that I would become famous as honey. sister who escaped from quarantine and a fine of 300,000.
04/30/2020 I got sick at work even more and with a temperature of 38.6 was thrown into a polyclinic for a chemical machine in general, with words and do not come back here. Although our patients, with whom we worked, confirmed covid.
We sat in the clinic from 11.00 to 17.00 in anticipation of CT and with a diagnosis of 12% bilateral pneumonia with suspected covert were sent home for self-isolation. My parents and my baby were at home.
Parents left for themselves and I stayed with the child. But after 2 days my dad got sick.
05/05/2020 my condition worsened, it became hard for me to breathe, and they wrote me a direction for CT in 3 mountains. the hospital where I sat in line for 3 hours and with 24% from the progression stages I was sent home with the words call the therapist at the place of residence . 05/08/2020 dad at CT 20% bilateral pneumonia with suspected covert.
05/11/2020 we did CT for mom and at her expense with her 5% right-sided pneumonia with suspected covert, even they didn’t want to write out sick leave.
And already on 05/16/2020 mom delivered an ambulance to 3 mountains. hospital them. What is 63% of bilateral pneumonia, where she died on 05.21.2020.
05/17/2020 dad with 36% was hospitalized at 5 for rubber equipment because there are no places anywhere else. And I couldn’t even get smears and a blood test for the child, they answered me you have no testimony and you are not on any registry because our authorities did not consider it necessary to submit our data that we worked in the red zone and were in contact with ovoid patients.
Only after repeated calls to the Ministry of Health and Volkova on the hotline, my baby was swabbed and X-rayed. And we have a lot of sick honey. workers and they also sat in lines at CT and with viral pneumonia were sent home with suspected covert and only at our honey. sisters from the neighboring branch of Kanaykina posthumously confirmed covid, our analyzes come negative. And I hide the results of the autopsy of my mother before the arrival of the tests and I'm sure everyone will write off all diabetes. And we are calmly summoned for admission to the hospital at the place of residence. Is this quarantine.
And, as a result, I am sick, dad in the hospital, my mother was lost, no payments, no help, nothing.
Why express our condolences to our loss if our caring state cannot provide any help to the living. Why are we not immediately isolated from the people from the red zone.
Why quarantine is removed, because the number of cases is growing at an incredible speed and hospitals can not cope. Where to turn, who to write complaints, that they would take control of this situation, so that what happened to my family does not happen to anyone else. Thank.
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Margarita05 июня 2020, 10:04
Disgrace in the country is going on! Now doctors will understand patients who are denied medical care.
Marina Serbova04 июня 2020, 23:26
Two of my friends Moms died from covid. But at the same time, not a word in the death certificate. about a dozen more people are sick, whom I personally know and they put on an ARVI, they don’t appoint anyone, they do it themselves for a fee.
Yuri Tairov04 июня 2020, 23:22
They begin to tell the truth when they select the most beloved and holiest, and they already have nothing to lose!