Mother saved her daughter for 9 days, but she never saved

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We publish a letter from Tatiana Vladimirovna Makarova, whose only 12-year-old daughter died from bleeding.
The mother spent 9 days on the doorstep of hospitals, where they could not make the correct diagnosis and save the child.
We present in full her letter to the Governor of the Bryansk Region, A.V. Bogomaz. This open letter was published on the website After that, a criminal case was opened.
Zhukovskaya hospital
"Dear Alexander Vasilievich!
I appeal to you, as the highest elected official of the Bryansk region, with a cry from the heart, on the fact of non-provision of medical care by the employees of the Zhukovskaya MB hospital represented by its employees and under the auspices of the chief physician N.M. Tretyakov, who, as a result of negligent performance of official duties , the wrong diagnosis and the wrong choice of treatment, my only young daughter died, the meaning of my life.
No one will return it to me now, and I am trying to live with it, but so far those responsible for this murder of my child have not been punished.
What justice can we talk about when, at the direction and under the auspices of the chief physician of the Zhukovskaya CRH Tretyakov N.M., medical documents are forged and the events that happened to my daughter are distorted, with only one purpose, to keep a warm place, and continue to live and work, carrying a high the title of doctor when they think of only one thing, how to save their reputation and their skin.
Until recently I, T.V. Makarova, together with my husband S.Yu. Makarov. and our young daughter Valeria Sergeevna Makarova, born on 05.05.2008, lived at the address: Bryansk region, Zhukovsky district, pos. Trosna, st. Lunacharsky, 8
On the afternoon of 05/13/2020, my husband was at work in the city of Moscow, our daughter Valeria was at home.
Her condition was normal. Valeria's daily routine was such that if she had a daytime sleep, then at night she could go to bed late, while before going to bed she would draw, watch TV, and some of her other things. On May 13, 2020, Valeria slept for several hours during the day, so that day she went to bed at a rather late time. I did not mind this, since Valeria's late sleep was not an isolated case and I considered such a rhythm of my daughter's life acceptable, since it did not harm her.

At 23 hours 53 minutes on 05/13/2020 Valeria was still awake, but in her room at the table, she was drawing.

At about 01:20 on 05/14/2020 Valeria woke me up, she cried and said that she had just swallowed a battery and was afraid that something might happen to her. I became worried about the child, tried to call the emergency numbers 112, 03 from my mobile phone, but could not.

At 04 hours 57 minutes on 05/14/2020, I called the emergency department of the Zhukovskaya hospital by phone number 3-17-37 and explained by phone that my child had just swallowed a battery. The medical worker, without taking any effective measures, without sending an ambulance team to my place of residence, simply gave me the phone number of the surgical department of Zhukovskaya hospital 3-19-57 and offered to consult a surgeon on this matter. I immediately called this number back.

At 04 hours 57 minutes on 05/14/2020, a male voice answered me, who did not introduce himself and said only "Department of surgery." I thought I was talking to a surgeon and explained to him that my 12-year-old daughter had swallowed a pill-shaped battery a few hours ago and asked for help. He asked about his daughter's state of health, whether she was worried about anything. I replied that my daughter was not worried about anything and asked him for advice on our next steps to provide medical care to the child.
The surgeon should have known that the chemical composition of the battery while in the child's body could harm health, but he did not take any measures for emergency medical care, but simply told me: “It's okay, it's round and smooth, it will come out naturally ... If you have any complaints, bring them and show them to the doctor. " He told me that my daughter's battery would come out with feces, that children swallow coins and nothing happens.
In the future, I was worried about this situation, in connection with which I made a decision proactively, that is, without obvious symptoms of my daughter, to seek medical help, namely an ultrasound of internal organs. Since my acquaintances explained to me that the X-ray room in the Zhukovskaya hospital does not work, and the diagnostic center is closed, I decided to go to a private medical office in the city of Zhukovka.

At 08:30 on 05/19/2020, by appointment, I brought my daughter for a medical examination to the Evita medical office, located at the address: Bryansk region, mountains. Zhukovka, st. Kalinina, 12, where, at my insistent request, an abdominal ultrasound was made. Doctor Volkova did not find a battery in her daughter's body. The doctor wrote the name of the drug, which, when used, will facilitate the release of the battery with feces. According to the results of the ultrasound, Volkova told me that all the internal organs of her daughter are in perfect order without pathologies and foreign bodies. We returned home, where I began to call the medical institutions of the city of Bryansk, where it was possible to make an X-ray for my daughter to detect the battery in the body.

At 17 hours 15 minutes on 05/20/2020, by appointment, I brought my daughter to LLC "Family Doctor", at the address: Bryansk, Bezhitskiy district, st. Ulyanov, 4, where we were received by the surgeon Gubanov G.N. I told him the above circumstances. Gubanov G.N. suggested that maybe I did not see the battery, which most likely has already come out. I explained to him that I carefully controlled the output of the battery, but not effectively. Gubanov G.N. arranged X-ray examination of internal organs for his daughter. According to the results of X-ray, Gubanov G.N. showed me x-rays of my daughter's organs and explained that he was not observing any battery in the child's body. Gubanov G.N. assured me that if there was a metal object in the child's body, even not of significant size, then it would be noticeable on the X-ray. Gubanov handed us an opinion, signed by him, in which it was stated that at the time of the examination of his daughter, there was no data for the presence of a foreign body. Then my daughter and I returned home.

At about 21 hours 20 minutes on 05/22/2020, the daughter woke up, went to the toilet on a small one, returned to the sofa again, said that she was very hot and asked to turn off the heating boiler. It seemed strange to me, since it was cool in the house. Just in case, I measured my daughter's temperature, which was 36, 7 degrees. I asked my daughter if she was in pain, to which my daughter replied just that she was very hot. I invited her to eat, to which Valeria agreed. Not having time to get from the hall to the kitchen, I heard Valeria call me loudly. When I entered the hall, I saw that Valeria had traces of blood on her lips, and three drops of blood on the carpet in front of her.

I got scared and immediately at 21 hours 42 minutes on 05/22/2020 at 3-17-37 I began to call the Zhukovsky regional hospital. I explained the situation to the medical worker. The medical worker, without taking any effective measures to provide medical care to my child, without sending an ambulance team to my place of residence, simply called 3-69-21. I got through. I was answered by a woman's voice, which said it was related to the ambulance. I explained about the child's blood from the mouth and the whole situation. The woman said that the ambulance needed to come to our home to pick up her daughter and show her to the surgeon. I refused, as I explained that I would quickly bring my daughter to the hospital on my own in my own car, since the ambulance needed time to get to the village of Trosna to our place of residence and return back when I could in less time on a personal The car quickly enough to take the daughter to the hospital in the city of Zhukovka, which I did immediately.

At about 22 hours 20 minutes on 05/22/2020, I brought my daughter to the emergency room of the Zhukovskaya MB hospital in a private car. We were received by a medical worker - an elderly woman who did not know which doctor we should call. After 3-5 minutes a surgeon was called. I told him everything from the beginning of swallowing the battery and until my daughter regurgitated blood. The doctor had to understand that the situation is critical and take effective measures, at least to make an X-ray of the esophagus and abdominal cavity, but he did not do this, but simply laid his daughter on the couch in the admission department, felt the stomach, measured the pressure. In parallel with these manipulations, I explained to him that my daughter had swallowed the battery and all the circumstances described above, even showed the pictures and clarified that we had not seen the battery when my daughter had left her body. On the referral of this doctor, the daughter was made a general blood test and was told to wait about an hour until the test results were ready. About 1.5 hours later, the result of the daughter's blood test was ready, which the surgeon commented as satisfactory. The doctor recommended that the daughter be given FGS, while explaining that there are no thin tubes for FGS for children in the hospital and they will only be on Monday, that is, 05/25/2020. When I asked if my daughter was in a critical situation and if she was postponing until Monday, the doctor assured me that my daughter’s condition could be tolerated until Monday and nothing bad would happen. I believe that he simply did not want to save my daughter and came up with the lack of FGS pipes. He could help my daughter in another way, anything but send home, because the blood from the mouth just cannot go. Moreover, he knew about the battery in his daughter's body. He simply said that on Monday for FGS we need to go to a therapist who will issue a referral to FGS. After that, the doctor gave me a blood test for my daughter's hands and sent us home without any more medical examinations.

Arriving home, I began to study my daughter's blood test using the Internet. Hemoglobin was on paper 112, despite the fact that the daughter's indicator was always over 130. Also, in the analysis, the Soy indicator was almost 3 times exceeded the norm. Other indicators in the analysis of my daughter, given to me by the doctor, also did not correspond to the norm. On the night of 05/23/2020 on the Internet, I began to look for an institution in which, without waiting for Monday 05/25/2020, I can do FGS on a day off, that is, before the specified date. I found that in LLC "Family Doctor", at the address: Bryansk, Bezhitskiy district, st. Ulyanova, 4, it is possible to make my daughter's FGS on a weekend, that is, until 05/25/2020 I decided to go to this institution the next day, that is, on Saturday 05/23/2020.

At about 04 o'clock on 05/23/2020, I woke up to hear my daughter peeing in a basin in the room near the bed. I got scared and asked why she didn't go to the toilet. Valeria told me that she was very bad and she could not get to the toilet. Immediately after that, Valeria vomited with a large number of blood clots. Once I called the ambulance and told about the incident. To my question, what should I do next, the dispatcher answered me: "Are you sure that you will take it on your own." I called the ambulance, said that I would not bring my daughter to the hospital myself, as she was losing consciousness and asked that the ambulance would come faster. We were expecting an ambulance at home in the hallway.

Then an ambulance car arrived, on which at about 04 hours 40 minutes on 23.05.2020 my daughter was taken to the emergency department of the hospital in Zhukovka. There Valeria was transferred from one gurney to another. Valeria began to complain of nausea. Then she regurgitated blood clots again. Further, the above-mentioned surgeon of the Zhukovskaya hospital was again invited to the admission department, who did nothing but only tried to do so so as not to work and not to save my child. He visually examined his daughter, said to take his daughter to the surgical department. I'm with honey. staff proceeded to the surgical department. On the way on the gurney, my daughter vomited blood clots twice more. Upon entering the surgical department, the above doctor and the nurse of the surgical department saw said honey. the staff to deploy the gurney and take the daughter to the intensive care unit. Then, on a gurney, my daughter was transferred to the intensive care unit, into which I was not allowed. After about 20 minutes, a doctor from intensive care (not named surgeon) came to see me. He asked what had happened, to which I told him everything.
He said that Valeria's stomach was washed, hemostatic drugs were injected, as well as drugs for blood volume. I asked about further actions of the doctors in relation to my daughter. He replied that they intend to make Valeria FGS. I asked him how the daughters would do FGS if the surgeon assured me that there were no thin tubes for FGS in the hospital for children. The doctor assured that the hospital has all the necessary devices for FGS for children, and that everything will be done now. Then I waited in the corridor for results. After some time, the same doctor from intensive care came to me, was interested in his daughter's blood type and contacts with people suffering from coronavirus infection. I answered everything and asked to send my daughter to Bryansk.
He promised to do it saying: "It's a child." and said that this issue is being resolved at a consultation of doctors with the participation of the head of the surgical department. About an hour later, I began to insist on calling an ambulance car from Bryansk so that my daughter would be taken to a medical facility in the city of Bryansk. The doctor said that there is no time to call the ambulance, as it will take about 3 hours, while the car of the Zhukovskaya hospital will take the daughter in 1 hour. To my question about my daughter's condition, the doctor from the intensive care unit answered me that the daughter's blood was not poured and only plasma was poured. For about 30 minutes more honey was collected. personnel and child for transportation to Bryansk.

At 07:50 on 05/23/2020, the child was transported from the hospital in the city of Zhukovka to the hospital in the city of Bryansk. I went in a car to accompany my daughter. I was sitting in the front seat. All this time, my daughters were pouring plasma through an IV. We were brought to the Children's Regional Hospital, where our daughter was transferred from the emergency room to the intensive care unit.

At about 08:50 on 05/23/2020, my daughter was transferred to the intensive care unit of the Bryansk Regional Children's Hospital. About 10 minutes later, two medical workers contacted me to find out the circumstances of what happened to Valeria. I told them the above events. After that, I waited.

At about 12 hours 40 minutes on 23.05.2020 , a doctor named Valentina Nikolaevna came to me, who, as I understood, was a resuscitator. She said that her daughter's condition was very serious, critical and that she could not give forecasts even for the next 2 hours. The doctor said that the daughter was brought with a very low hemoglobin, which dropped to 37, and that the daughter had a lot of blood loss and twice had cardiac arrest, which was triggered by medical devices. The doctor said that with the help of an ultrasound machine, a battery was found in her daughter's body, which they could push down. The doctor said that they could not operate on their daughter due to a very critical condition. She also said that the daughters are currently injected with blood and substances necessary for blood. The doctor gave me the papers authorizing the blood transfusion and permission for the operation to sign.

At about 3:00 pm on 05/23/2020 , Valentina Nikolaevna came to me again. She said that her daughter's condition is still consistently critical, internal bleeding does not stop at the place of detection of the battery and blood flows into the stomach. She asked to buy diapers, napkins and diapers, and then left.

At about 5 pm on 05/23/2020, I accidentally met Valentina Nikolaevna, who was receiving a new sick child. She told me that her daughter's condition was the same - it was extremely difficult and that until the bleeding stopped, her daughter's operation was not possible.

At about 7 pm on May 23 , 2020 , while waiting for the results in the corridor, a security guard asked me to leave the premises, as the hospital was closing. I explained to him that my daughter was in intensive care. On the radio, the guard with Valentina Nikolaevna. She came to me and said that the hospital was closing and there was no need for my presence. She said that the issue with her daughter's operation is being resolved. She said to call in about 1.5 hours.

At 20:30 on May 23, 2020, I called Valentina Nikolaevna. She said that everything was bad, her daughter had kidney failure and an operation was planned. She said that the surgeons are planning her daughter's surgery and if they can solve the kidney problem, the daughter will be fine. She said that I would call back closer to 23 o'clock and find out the details.

At 01:10 on 05/24/2020, during repeated attempts, I got through to Valentina Nikolaevna. She said that at 11:55 pm on 05/23/2020 Valeria died.
I insist that the doctors of the Zhukovskaya MB did not provide proper medical care to my daughter, did not timely carry out the necessary qualified examinations (x-ray of the esophagus) to detect a battery in her body, did not promptly hospitalize my daughter and did not provide virtually any medical assistance with 14 to 23.05.2020 .

All this resulted in a loss of time, as a result of which my only daughter passed away.

I also ask you to give an objective assessment of the actions of the doctors of the Bryansk Regional Children's Hospital on the promptness of the provision of medical care to my daughter, whether they could have saved her under these circumstances.

At the moment, all the officials of the regulatory bodies, they only give me replies with lines of sympathy, there are no guilty ones.

For 9 days, from the moment of my first visit to the hospital, the doctors of the Zhukovskaya CRH could not diagnose and provide qualified help to my child, so how many days they needed to save my only daughter.

I demand justice, establish and punish the doctors and officials responsible for the death of my daughter, to the fullest extent of the law, since there is nothing above life, and even more so the life of a child, on this earth, and even more so for me as a mother.

I demand to dismiss the chief physician of the Zhukovskaya CRH Tretyakov N.M., who, by virtue of the profession of a doctor, and even more so the chief physician, is obliged to organize the work of his personnel in order to help people, and not to evade their duties, and even more so after the tragedy that has happened, interfere with the investigation, provide false, fake medical documents, so as not to tarnish their reputation and keep the chief doctor's chair warm.

I am not unreasonably afraid that using his connections and high position, he can avoid responsibility, since there have already been similar cases in our hospital.

Take control of the investigation of this case, instruct the medical organizations entrusted to you to assist in identifying the perpetrators, to bring them to justice in the future according to the law, with the provision of complete reliable medical documentation on the fact of my daughter's death.

If I do not find justice, I reserve the right to apply to the Federal media, television and higher supervisory and regulatory bodies.

I really believe and hope for your help, I count on your professionalism, kindness, decency and honesty. Respectfully yours, Makarova Tatyana Vladimirovna is Valeria's mother. "
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Oleg17 сентября 2020, 11:37
Here he is grinning our medicine. The woman knocked on all doors. But the doctors still killed her child.