I see in a dream my son who says "Mommy, stop crying, you will have a surprise"

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Olesya Reverend says: “I live in the village of Znamenskoye, Znamensky District, we don’t have a maternity hospital, so when the deadline came, they sent me to the Oryol Perinatal Center. They met me with strange questions:“ Having many children? Why did I come to give birth? Why not? enough for you? "

- The baby seemed to feel trouble and did not want to be born, so the birth decided to stimulate. On December 20, after seven hours of torment, the doctor Igor Komarov, before the end of his duty, suggested I get a cesarean section, I agreed, but Medvedev, whom I was handed over as a baton, did not agree: “No. She herself gave birth to three and will give birth to this! ”

Then I somehow persuaded the medical staff to allow me to get up and walk around. This gave the result: the child fell. They put me on the table - I feel that the head came out, and then - no way. The midwife shouts: “We have to do something!” Then Medvedev began to crush my elbows on my stomach.
And then she climbed onto the table and began to crush with all her weight. The midwife stood opposite me and also crushed, and on the right - the pediatrician and nurse squeezed. This went on for about 10 or 15 minutes. Finally, the baby came out.
He did not cry out immediately and listlessly - this was explained by the effect of anesthesia, which they did to me the day before. They brought the baby. I kissed him ... Soon they informed me that "something is with the child." In the morning they said that he was in intensive care, they did not explain the reason. I went there, looked. The legs are blue, on the arms, tummy, on the head - bruising ... By evening, Serezha got better. But the next day they reported that he died.

I was hysterically transferred to the gynecological ward, away from women in childbirth. On the 23rd they brought a birth certificate, on the 26th - a death certificate. I read: birth trauma, rupture of the cerebellum, and I realized that it was their fault.

Having recovered after giving birth, I went to Oryol to look for a “good lawyer” in order to somehow punish the doctors.
“Right from the door, she said:“ I want everything to be fair, ”recalls lawyer Yulia Minazova. - In general, practice shows that the number of medical errors is actually large, but few appeal to the court. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the complex process of proof - after all, we all, including judges, are not doctors. Doctors, on the other hand, show an enviable corporate solidarity, supporting each other, and examinations are often “custom-made”.
Doctors in defending their innocence reached the point that they accused the unfortunate mother of “just wanting easy money”.
In court, representatives of the Oryol Perinatal Center argued: the death of the child was inevitable. So, by the way, it is written in the “Protocol of the medical commission for the analysis of the case of perinatal mortality of the newborn”. 25 doctors of the Center, led by the head physician Olga Pekhoto, came to a unanimous opinion: the death of Seryozha the Rev. was inevitable, since he was ... infected in the womb. “And even if there wasn’t a birth injury, a fatal outcome was likely to be 70%,” said L. Zhidkova, an intern at the Department of Pregnancy Pathology. Naturally, they did not find a doctor and no evidence for cesarean section. In general, staphylococcus is to blame for everything. And the Reverend herself.

Seeing obvious contradictions between the testimonies, the judge of the Sovetsky District, Yulia Samoilova, ordered an examination at the Russian Center for Forensic Medical Examination of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The commission, consisting of two doctors of medical sciences, two candidates of medical sciences and a forensic expert of the department for professional offenses of medical workers, concluded: “The newborn Rev. S. S. there were no signs of pneumonia. Closed craniocerebral trauma in the form of a left-sided rupture of the cerebellar trap with ... hemorrhage refers to birth trauma, was the result of improper delivery ... conservatively if there are indications for a cesarean section ... A timely operation would avoid the traumatic brain injury that caused death of the newborn. "
The court concluded with a decision in favor of the mother. 1 million rubles were recovered from the Oryol Perinatal Center for moral damages and all legal expenses of the Venerables - a hundred thousandth examination, the services of a lawyer, a fee, and services for burial of a child.
Then Olesya says: “After recovering from childbirth, I left for Moscow to work and got a job on the highway. And I dream, I see my son, who says to me: “ Mommy, stop crying, you will be surprised. ”
- I decided to share what I saw with my husband, and he says to me: I dreamed it. We ate, wondered, and two days later I found out that I was pregnant. So, together with Kiryusha, I went through all the trials about Seryozha.
They say that the babies in the mother’s womb hear everything and understand everything. If so - probably, when he grows up, he will be a lawyer ... I look at Kiryusha, and it seems to me that I see Seryozha. Such is God's gift. I called my son named St. Cyril the Monk - his icon is in our church ... "
Kiryusha was born in the city hospital. Botkin. There they didn’t ask the Reverend why she needed a fifth child, on the contrary, they supported and invited “more”.
“Everything is poor there, there is no such equipment as in the Perinatal Center, but the doctors and obstetricians are caring, attentive, real professionals,” Olesya explains. “But there will be no more.” Great happiness cannot be. Except that Seryozha isn’t enough ... ..
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