Malikat dies in hospital and her two unborn children die

06.01.2021 Наталья
In Dagestan, a 29-year-old girl died in a maternity hospital with two unborn children. Relatives blame doctors for the death of the young woman.

The uncle of the deceased says:

- "Malikat was admitted to the hospital on November 19. Examination upon admission showed the normal condition of the mother and her two children.
But on November 22, she became ill after medication drips, which she reported to the staff. The doctors ignored this. uncle of the deceased A roommate in the ward also reported that Malikat was in a semi-conscious state and that she was feeling bad. "

Relatives raised the alarm when Malikat stopped picking up the phone. The woman's mother called the doctor, to which she received an answer that everything was fine.
Precious time was wasted and until everyone came to their senses 3-4 hours passed.

According to the uncle of the deceased, by this time one of the twins had already died in the womb. And the second died during the operation, with a "cesarean section". A week later, 29-year-old Malikat herself died in intensive care.

According to the mother of the deceased woman, Malikat felt great throughout her pregnancy. But at 35 weeks she developed back pain. The daughter was sent to the doctor, but instead of the usual consultation, Malikat was admitted to the hospital on an IV drip, explaining that she should feel better afterwards.
Zada Musaeva, mother of Malikat Musaeva: “During the day she felt bad, and on Sunday she stopped talking to me altogether, did not pick up the phone for hours or pick up and barely speaks. I told her to go to the midwives. "
But the doctors, according to the girl's mother, did not do anything. They assured that there was nothing to worry about. But Malikat's condition only worsened. On the third day, the babies stopped moving. An ultrasound scan revealed that one child had no heartbeat. One girl died in the womb, the other on the operating table. A week later, Malikat also died in intensive care.
Zada Musaeva, mother of Malikat Musaeva: “For two days my girl lay and slowly died in front of these employees, and no one approached her.
Girls from other wards walked around and asked to look. They said: we made the suprastin, she must sleep. "
mom tells The Ministry of Health of Dagestan said that the patient had a complication - "acute fatty hepatosis." With this disease, the liver literally self-destructs. It is possible to save the patient if the diagnosis is made in time, but this time the doctors missed the moment.
An investigation into this fact began in the republican administration of the UK. The examinations have already been assigned. A criminal case was initiated under the article "Causing death by negligence." The perpetrators face imprisonment for up to 3 years.
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Currently received office. response from the Ministry of Health of Dagestan. In which it is reported that Malikat died of a transient disease - fatty liver disease. And the doctors are not to blame.
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Adminuss08 февраля 2021, 16:25
As of 02/08/2021, it became known: “According to the results of an internal service check and external examination of the quality of medical care provided, defects in the provision of medical care to M. Musaeva were revealed in the State Budgetary Institution RD“ Makhachkala Maternity Hospital No. 2 named after R. A. Karimov ". Disciplinary measures were applied to medical workers who committed violations in the provision of medical care to Musaeva, and they were suspended from work during the investigation.
Ivan08 января 2021, 12:26
The ghoul's creatures. They ruined three lives with their indifference. Such should be burned at the stake - for the edification of others. And now they will conduct false examinations - and the doctors will also hang the heroes of Russia on the ass ...
Lobster06 января 2021, 21:19
Doctors will come up with all sorts of diagnoses. They are utter nonsense. So that in 3 days the liver decomposes and death occurs, this does not happen. The symptoms there will be terrible - the woman should be all yellow from bilirubin. There should be symptoms on the face that cannot be confused with anything. Why didn't they save the kids ???? Bitches killed three lives and blatantly lie and falsify facts. finished creatures - burn in hell. Until the death penalty is introduced for murderers and their accomplices, killer doctors will brazenly kill children, adults and old people. And even the generals are not immune from this lawlessness - doctors easily kill their mothers. Because they know that they spat on the laws, they will always smear their own and come up with another nonsense, in which the investigation will be forced to believe.