People do not trust doctors and are afraid that they will simply kill them.

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Here is a case from Volgograd.
She will die in an hour anyway. She has 37% vitality
67-year-old Lyubov Shakhurdina recovered from coronavirus in the infectious diseases hospital at the 3rd hospital.
A month later, the woman was supposed to undergo a CT scan of the lungs, but a few days after being discharged she became ill and was admitted to the cardiology center. According to the woman, immediately after the reception of the cardiac surgeon, he was summoned by the head of the department and said that before hospitalization it is necessary to undergo a CT scan now, and not in a month.
And then the woman assures that she heard such words of the doctor about herself: “Yes, she will die in an hour anyway. She has 37% vitality . "
She began to demand her card in order to leave the medical facility. She was not given a card, but the woman snatched her card out of the hands of the doctor on duty, and then called the Emergencies Ministry and said that she was being forcibly held in the hospital.

The woman talks about her treatment:
“My symptoms resembled SARS, but none of the employees of the 25th hospital paid attention to me. There were four more people in the ward and no isolation measures were taken. Didn't even do a covid test. Only after everyone started to get fever did the tests start.
After the positive tests began to come, I was transferred to the infectious diseases hospital on the basis of the 3rd hospital. Here, nevertheless, they cured of covid and helped to normalize the condition with which I got to the emergency room No. 25.

After being discharged, a few days later I was admitted to the hospital in the cardio center, my blood pressure dropped - 80/60. Legs buckled. The cardiac surgeon looked at me .. They brought me to the ward and placed me. And after 40 minutes, it was already about 6 pm, the nurse came and told me to go to the department head with my things.
I was told that “you had to undergo CT first, and then go to bed with us. And the doctor said that 80% of my aorta was clogged with plaques. And then I was sitting at the office and I heard the head of the department on the phone say: “She will die in an hour anyway. She has 37% vitality. " My heart almost stopped. And I realized that I would never trust this person to heal myself. "
I demanded that the doctor return her medical history, but the staff of the cardiology center refused to issue documents and did not let her out of the hospital at all.

We began to swear. The supervisor allowed me to stay in the hospital without CT.
But I didn't trust him anymore. I don't want such a doctor to stab me on the operating table.
I demanded to give me a medical history - they do not.
I want to leave the clinic - they won't let me out.
I already think wow - they will also send me to the "durka" now.
They say "write that we are not responsible for you."
I didn't sign anything.
The nurse on duty came up with my medical history - I pulled out my medical history, but they still wouldn't let me out of the hospital.
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