Was treated for covid, but died of diabetes

27.11.2020 Наталья
Alena Samoilova states that her mother was treated for coronavirus when she had an exacerbation of diabetes. Her mother died at 45.
Alena Samoilova recorded a video in which she told about what she managed to learn from the doctors of the hospital where her mother died.
Aesculapius killed According to her daughter, when her mother Natalya Samoilova developed symptoms of coronavirus in the form of high fever and malaise, she turned to her Central District Hospital, where the woman was diagnosed with 25-30% of lung damage, but at the same time was sent to be treated at home. She was admitted to the hospital only a week later.

Alena says: “With such results, my mother should have been immediately admitted to the hospital, but we were sent home for treatment. But about a week later we received a call: -Get ready, an ambulance will come for mom now. The ambulance came for mom, she was brought there, she is there again served a long queue with fever.
The second CT scan, done to my mother, showed 60% of lung damage, and only after that she was admitted to the hospital. On the first day, it got better, she talked with her family on the phone, talking about what the IVs did to her. But on the third day, my mother stopped communicating.
We tried to get through to her, called from all phones, she did not pick up the phone.
Mom herself called us after a while and said that she was paralyzed.
The next day she has a coma. She spends three days in a coma, on the fourth they call us and say that mom is no more.
Later we learn that the first CT scan, which she did before hospitalization, was lost. An autopsy showed that my mother's lungs were clean, that she did not have any coronavirus, that everything was fine with her. Doctors treated her for coronavirus, and she died of diabetes.
death from diabetesthe doctor gave the bodies of the ritual
In her address on video, daughter Alena says: - "I decided to record this video. Video message to you. I want justice. I am very worried why an important paper was lost, as if it was an unnecessary thing. I do not know if the doctors lied to us or told the truth. I don't know. The fact is that the doctors treated her for the coronavirus, but she did not have the coronavirus. It turns out that they ruined my mother. "
I wanted to ask if the doctors didn’t figure out why the person fell into a coma? Didn't they do any tests? Do they really care about people's lives? That is how easily and simply they ruined a person and most likely there will be no punishment. They will cover everything with false examinations. They won't give up their own.
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Seryoga27 ноября 2020, 22:19
And if they hadn't gone to the doctors, my mother would have stayed alive. Now a generation of idiot doctors has grown up who do not understand anything in medicine, but demand only money for each of their sneezes. Until there is punishment, people will be killed in hospitals out of impunity.