Punitive medicine of Tyumen, or how to become schizophrenic by applying for cystitis

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Tyumen Elena Tretyakova, about whose terrible history the Tyumen publication URA.Ru already wrote, was not the only one affected by the work of Tyumen psychiatrists.
(In 2011, she came to doctors complaining of pain in the lower abdomen. The woman was sent to a psychiatrist who diagnosed her with schizophrenia, a fur-like type of course. Subsequently, the famous Tyumen psychiatrist Boris Prilensky did not find any signs of a mental illness in Tretyakova. After several years of treatment in the Tretyakova Regional Psychiatric Hospital had to undergo rehabilitation and undergo surgery, as a result, once a healthy woman turned into an invalid of the first group.)
Lyubov Safargalieva, the lawyer of the Tretyakova, is sure - “Not only was Tretyakov treated incorrectly, so that she developed another disease that had to undergo surgery, and she became an invalid of the first group, so they also abused the right and carried out postscripts . We are all so dependent on doctors because we trust them.
Elena Tretyakova is now learning to walk again, talk and hold a pencil in her hands - a woman went to the doctor complaining of cystitis, but for some reason she was treated for schizophrenia .
The attending physician, Elena, who, after checking, which revealed violations in the treatment of women, remained to work in the hospital, although he was demoted.
The head physician of the psychiatric hospital in Vinzily, Yevgeny Rodyashin, stood up for a colleague, saying that the doctors are also not immune from mistakes and that they should be learned, and not the easy way, dismissing those responsible.
The numerous victims, fearing the consequences, prefer to remain silent. However, the local businessman Anton Shakhmatov did not hide: last year he went to the doctor with complaints of pain in the stomach, and he was also referred to a psychotherapist.
At the hospital, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The man himself explained: he was diagnosed because he complained about the work of doctors. “For the fact that you are complaining, we will write diagnoses to you. Because the one who wrote more than four complaints a year is already automatically recognized as mentally ill in our country, ”Anton Shakhmatov explained to the position of Tyumen doctors.

In Tyumen, he complained about medicine, which means a schizophrenic !!
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