How a happy birthday turned into a severe disability for a child. Or another negligence of obstetricians

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We are publishing another case of medical negligence or "devil-may-care" attitude towards children on the part of obstetricians. This happened in Moscow in maternity hospital No. 40.
Katerina Burlakova says:
- "My husband and I were looking forward to the birth of our son. I took care of myself throughout the pregnancy, underwent all the necessary examinations, passed all the tests, went to the hospital as needed (I had severe swelling and high weight gain), we were expecting absolutely healthy The antenatal clinic attended according to the schedule.

And now the time has come, 40 weeks and 3 days (9 months).
I receive a referral from the antenatal clinic to the maternity hospital at GKB 40, Moscow, Taimyrskaya 6, for delivery, February 19.

Since there are no contractions, the birth canal is immature, the baby's heartbeat is excellent, my condition is satisfactory, the doctors decided to stimulate and prepare me for childbirth.
2 tablets of mifepristone, foley catheter.

On February 23, I was transferred to the delivery unit, and at 23.00 the waters left. Light, transparent, the child's CTG is excellent, 8 points in fisher.

All night I lay alone, the doctors did not come in, they were probably waiting for when I myself would enter into labor.

February 24 At 1:30 pm I was given oxytocin to stimulate contractions. They substantiated this by the fact that the period is long 41 weeks 1 day and that the child may become ill. There was no talk of caesarean section.

And from 14.30 on CTG, the child's pathological heartbeat is recorded (regular decelerations lasting 60-90 seconds with a decrease in heart rate to 90 beats per minute, we have already learned this from the examination according to the documents issued by the maternity hospital).
But the doctors didn’t come, they didn’t monitor the condition, they didn’t care what was going on and how, no one approached the CTG during stimulation with oxytocin.
Our baby began to suffocate in utero.
And this is a direct indication for an emergency caesarean section! There were no additional research methods, namely, bridging, blood lactate level of the adjacent fetal head.
Please also note that oxytocin drips further if it has an effect, but after 5 hours the disclosure was 2-3 cm, it did not give the desired effect and its use should not have continued (from the protocols of labor management, labor induction with oxytocin).

At 20.00 oxytocin was turned off and the contractions disappeared, I stopped giving birth altogether (which is also recorded on CTG).

At 00.00, it was connected again, because the disclosure remained 2-3 cm, and there were no contractions at all, and only at 3.25 at night on February 25, I gave birth to our child. In serious condition.
Blood acidosis, asphyxia, convulsions. Heart, respiratory, renal failure.

At the sixth hour of his life, he was transferred to intensive care, hypothermic, injected into an artificial coma, blood transfusions were made twice, where cerebral edema and hemorrhage were already found, on day 3 there was a probability of death of 80%.
Due to prolonged hypoxia during childbirth, the negligence of doctors, complete neglect of their official duties, laziness or some other personal reasons for which I was not provided with assistance at the proper level, violation of protocols - OUR healthy son became the most severe invalid for life !
As a result of the actions and inaction of the doctors of the maternity hospital 40, namely, the delivery was carried out by : Elena Aleksandrovna Korovina, Dzhamilya Khazhbarovna Sarakhova, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Head of the Pathological Department, with the status of a MOSCOW doctor.
Our child has:
Cerebral ischemia
Cystic transformation of both hemispheres,
Spastic tetraparesis (severe cerebral palsy),
Optic nerve atrophy,
Severe hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy with leukomalacia, disabled.

A criminal case was initiated.

They tried to put pressure on me, at first they convinced me of infections, but when they were not found, they began to refer to genetics (Forged documents, entered that I had hydrocephalus, and my brother had cerebral palsy, which is not a reality.), And then that my child is healthy, massage and the brain will grow.

This is how a happy day in life turned into a misfortune for life. Life in an instant was divided into before and after. "

These doctors delivered the baby and ruined the beautiful baby:

cow midwife
Korovina Elena Aleksandrovna, obstetrician with 12 years of experience.

Sarakhova obstetrician
Sarakhova Jamilya Khazhbarovna, candidate of sciences, 17 years of experience, obstetrician-gynecologist.

Excerpts from medical examination, which speaks of the direct fault of the doctors in the serious illness of the baby.

examination 1
examination 2
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Maria S.18 августа 2020, 14:58
LORD, when will they stop mutilating our children ??? !!!