How a 70-year-old man deserved to be hospitalized on the floor of a hospital in Tomsk

05.11.2020 Наталья
A 70-year-old woman suffering from covid lies on the floor in a hospital in the city of Tomsk in the medical unit No. 2.

Son Eugene, who filmed this, says:
- “My mother is now lying there. On November 1, at about 5 pm, she was taken by ambulance to the medical unit No. 2. My mother is 70 years old. She is a labor veteran. She underwent computed tomography and confirmed bilateral pneumonia of about 56%, pulmonary hypertension of the second degree.
The temperature is kept under 39, two and a half weeks. She is exhausted, no strength.
My mother sat in the corridor for 20 hours and waited for medical help.
My brother just checked out after kovid, a week and a half ago, they also brought me by ambulance to the medical unit number 2, put it in the corridor, next to the toilet. A thin, short blanket was given, it froze all night. We thought this was the bottom.
My mother, a distinguished person who raised two sons alone, a grandmother of four granddaughters, slept on the floor under the bed. It is impossible to get through the hot lines somewhere. "
on the floor in the hospital What kind of cure can we talk about with such an attitude towards people? No minimum funds, no blankets, no pillows, no mattresses !!! Granny is just in a dressing gown with a monstrous weakness, lying on the cold floor !!! There is room for beds and it is a lie that there is a large influx of people. There is simply no desire to help people
If this minimum is not there, then there are also sorely lack of ventilators. That is, people are simply dying like flies from the fact that in an impoverished third world country, impoverished medicine.
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