From the diary of Nina Gornikova, who died of a coronovirus, (read and think about whether you can survive with our aesculapius)

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Nina writes ....

“My lungs are in a state of coarseness, inelastic due to these holes. Those. emphysema. They catch everything that is possible and that is impossible for many other citizens. That is, disposable lungs if I catch the virus.
Bottom line: you all have two lungs in case of complications with coronavirus. Once he was ill, the second time on broken lungs - not a fact that it would cost, ”Nina explained, urging people to strictly observe self-isolation.

But she herself still became infected in the very first week of quarantine. Prior to the first malaise on April 7, she expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior of her roommate with signs of a cold, wrote that it was ridiculous to force him to wash the bathtub and sink after himself - they say you still can’t check whether you washed or not. Then the neighbor went to his relatives in Bryansk, and Nina and her husband fell ill.
Since then, she blogged day after day on how the disease developed and what doctors did. The diary ends with an April 14 note that the coronavirus has been confirmed and taken to the hospital, and the lungs will be checked for computed tomography.

4th day

“Bronchitis, wait a little and there will be pneumonia. A doctor with an ambulance yesterday thrust a wand into his throat and nose, but not his crown, and thank God. A handsome dock from the clinic said that they urgently needed to drink some delicious treats, but they would call and check me, if they were, they weren’t. The husband also congregated, but bravely crawled for medicine, now he drank, waiting for improvement. ”

5th day

“There was a doctor from the clinic, listened, measured the level of oxygen in the blood. Prescribed delicious pills. The pills are correct, I hardly cough anymore, because diarrhea is indomitable, yeah! In general, half the battle is done! The weakness is terrible, but the husband needs to be served and forced and persuaded, it saves, it would not be lying on a sofa like a rag, but then there would be no stagnation. ”

7th day

“For more than a week, temperatures above 38 are something. Doctors from the ambulance fellows. And it would be better not to come from the clinic. The last was today. I already put the anti-temperature candle where it should be and then he came. Let's check saturnation. The device appears to be 77 and 80. The doctor says, yeah, low oxygen saturation. There is suddenly a blims, and 90. The doctor - oh, good satiation! ”

Nina was also indignant that the doctor measured her temperature with a non-contact thermometer, and he showed that there was no heat, although an ordinary mercury thermometer immediately gave out more than 38 . However, the doctor from the clinic relied on the testimony of his meter and claimed that there was no temperature.

“Well, doctor, here it is - 38.4 on my thermometer! Let's change again. I shot down to 36 C, I measure 38 on a thermometer. This one gets his little fart again, there’s no temperature! ”

In parallel, Nina expressed concern that if our services at the airport had equipment of the same dubious quality, how many patients could be missed.
She was not too lazy then to call the call center and report a faulty device so that the health of other patients would not be affected.
Her own diagnosis was changed, although she was still not talking about coronavirus.

“The viral infection that the ambulance doctors ordered was replaced with pharyngitis. 38 and above all week and - pharyngitis? ” (Pharyngitis is an inflammation of the pharynx, most often due to a viral infection).

When the doctor left, Nina fell asleep, and during sleep the candle helped to bring down the temperature. She thought she was beginning to recover.

“At least wring the night out, the duvet cover too. In general, the temperature has dropped now and it’s easier, thanks to everyone who prayed for me, hug you, my dears, I’m on the mend, ”this is the penultimate blog entry.

8th day

April 14 - exactly one week after the first ailment - Nina Gornikova made the record, which was the last: “The coronavirus is confirmed. They called at night. Tomorrow the car will come, we’ll try to drive it on CT. ”
Already in the comments on this post in correspondence with friends, she wrote with optimism that she needed to recover in order to donate her blood to help those who were still ill.
The fact that she was gone was reported on April 26. That is, the woman spent another two weeks in the hospital, and in total her illness lasted about three weeks.

Also, reading Nina’s diary now, people in the LiveJournal community are outraged: “From the latest entries it was clear: they missed, they made the wrong diagnosis, they didn’t take urgent resuscitation with a low level of oxygen saturation. It is a crime! Asymptomatic are taken to clinics for mass, sometimes they are not put with inflammation. ”
That is, in Russia, as there was no professionalism, so he did not go anywhere. Or maybe this is the usual nonsense, will die, well, and do not care, the woman is 55 years old .....
Let her rest in peace. Even during an epidemic, grief, doctors cannot make a correct diagnosis and save a person.
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Irina Sergeevna08 мая 2020, 10:32
What a disgrace.!!! There are no working devices, even the temperature could not be correctly determined - the Aesculapius are bad. Now the investigative committee should deal with this matter.
Vlad08 мая 2020, 01:04
Horror, nonsense and non-professionalism are going wild. Or maybe they really didn’t want to save a woman of 55 years. But with a device that does not measure temperature especially ... Only tanks can do it through one place.