They say "you still can’t prove anything" or about the murder of our children

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Reprint from the "Moscow Komsomolets" dated 06/12/2020
Parents of child victims of medical negligence in maternity hospitals are sounding the alarm. In the country there are more and more cases of trauma to babies during childbirth. As a result, newborns die or become crippled.

In an attempt to achieve justice, an initiative group of fathers and mothers is trying to reach President Putin. In the near future, parents are preparing to hold a series of single pickets to draw attention to their problem and prevent new tragedies.

23-year-old Nastya Bezrukova from the Irkutsk region with her husband was looking forward to the first-born. Now parents travel a thousand kilometers to pick up the coffin with the little exhausted body of their Yaroslav. As a result of a birth injury, the baby had a brain hemorrhage. While the child was dying in the hospital for a month and a half in agony, his mother was not allowed to go to him because of quarantine. A photograph of his son is all that remains of his parents' memory.
“It all began on the morning of April 28, it seemed that it was supposed to be the happiest day in my life,” recalls Nastya.
- My husband brought me to the maternity ward of the Ust-Kutsky district hospital, the pregnancy was absolutely normal, the tests were good, but then everything went according to a terrible scenario.
The painful birth lasted about 10 hours, I could not give birth myself, and the doctors did not fit for a long time. The baby turned out to be large, but the obstetricians did not even think about Caesarean section. In the end, when the child was finally literally pulled out of me, I heard an ominous silence.
She asked why he was silent, they told me "you see, she gave birth for a long time, it's hard for him."
After 10 minutes, the doctors called the anesthesiologist, two men came and began to pump out Yaroslav. All 2 hours while they were doing this, I was lying, not understanding what was happening. In the end, the child was taken by helicopter to the intensive care unit in Irkutsk. A few days later, when I called there, they told me that there was no hope, "there is a mess in the head of a child instead of a brain." A month and a half, my husband and I tried to break into intensive care, but only two times I was allowed to take a photo for several seconds.

The resident of Lipetsk, Elvina Kiryushkina, has been trying for six months to bring to justice the doctors who, according to the woman, took her child's life.
“On October 13 last year, I was taken to the local Perinatal Center with preterm delivery at week 34,” she recalls through tears.
“The doctors decided not to stop the process, convinced me that the term was sufficient, and everything will be in order.”
All night I was in pain, while the midwife was snoring in the next room. In the morning, doctors began to inject me with oxytocin to speed up the delivery, even then I begged them to have a cesarean section, but they insisted that I could give birth myself. They talked to me as if I were a homeless person in the garbage, shouting that I was doing everything wrong.
In the end, when the precious time was lost, they still decided to cut me. The only thing I remember is the screams of the doctor. Then they told me that they dragged the child by the leg, literally tearing me out of me.
Instead of a child, a living corpse was taken out of me, a girl in intensive care, and only a miracle can save her.

The daughter lived a little more than 36 days, fortunately, we were allowed to christen the little angel before death.
Later, I found out that a similar tragedy a few months before me happened at another Lipanka, Yulia Dolmatova. The same doctor took birth in her. maternity hospital Another baby, Borya Yudin, died on April 21, before that, the child had been in a coma in children's intensive care for a year.
- April 21, 2019, my wife and I had the long-awaited first-born, says the father of the baby Cyril.
As it turned out later, the tests taken from the son at birth showed that the child has leukocytosis and congenital hydronephrosis. However, instead of starting emergency treatment, on the third day we were simply discharged from the hospital, assuring us that the tests were good.
At home, we noticed that the child was yellow and constantly sleeping, which was repeatedly paid attention to the local pediatrician. But the doctor convinced us that such a condition is the norm for infants. On the 19th day of his life, Boris rose in temperature, he cried and moaned.
We immediately called an ambulance, they put us in a hospital, and a few hours later he was taken to intensive care. There, the boy was diagnosed with septic shock, introduced into a medical coma, then multiple organ failure and increasing cerebral edema began.
A few days later confirmed meningitis. Borya never woke up. Since then, life seemed to freeze. Our baby smiled at us a lot before resuscitation, and I hope he smiles at us now from heaven ...

Tatyana Bengraf is also now suing obstetricians for causing serious harm to the health of her daughter Olivia.
A woman says - due to the wrong actions of doctors in childbirth a year and a half ago, her baby received serious injuries. Since then, the girl can’t even lie on a horizontal surface, parents have to keep her in their arms around the clock in turn.

Unfortunately, there are many such stories, and they occur in certain maternity hospitals. Not at all! There are not so many such maternity hospitals, but there are massive cases in each of them.

We want our parents to never go through what we live in, holding dying children in their arms or burying them after prolonged torment.
These would be healthy children and had to live a happy life. All this makes us go to the end, we will ensure that our problem reaches the president, we will organize solitary pickets and broadcast our stories on social networks. Dead children cannot be returned, but you can save the unborn.

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