"You need this child, not us", or about the notorious maternity hospital №27 in Moscow

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We have already written about the notorious maternity hospital # 27 in Moscow. How was childbirth carried out there and children were made disabled. When the head of the maternity hospital Marina Sarmosyan was arrested, many women began to talk about giving birth in this maternity hospital. Here is the story of Nasiba Tursunova.

Nasiba Tursunova gave birth to twins Aisha and Amina in August 2018. Childbirth took place in the former 27th Moscow maternity hospital. The birth was attended by the doctor Marina Sarmosyan.
You need this child, not us
Nasiba says - “Doctor Sarmosyan came. The first child was born quickly. But after the birth of my first child, my contractions stopped. Sarmosyan pressed on my stomach, she asked to push. suffered for a very long time.
I begged for a cesarean section. I was very worried about the child, but the doctor behaved very rudely: "She said: you need this child, not us."

In the end, Nasibe had a caesarean section, but she is sure it was too late. The baby's heart only worked, and she began to breathe on her own only after two months.
Aisha Tursunov's daughter lived for seven months and spent almost all of this time in hospitals.
nasiba The day before her death, the girl first took a pacifier in her mouth. The next day, Nasibe, the doctor on duty called and said that "the girl had died." The doctors said - cardiac arrest.

Nasiba Tursunova is sure that her child died due to the fault of the doctors. "I hope Sarmosyan will answer for his actions."
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