Elina Sushkevich is accused of conspiring with the acting head physician of the maternity hospital No. 4, Elena Bela, to administer a lethal dose of magnesium to a premature newborn

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The Investigative Committee initiated a case on the intentional killing of a baby against the acting head physician of the Kaliningrad maternity hospital No. 4, Elena Belaya, and resuscitation anesthetist at the “Regional Perinatal Center” Elina Sushkevich. Belaya is accused of organizing, and Sushkevich - of committing the murder of a minor (paragraph "c" of part 2 of article 105 of the Criminal Code), the punishment for which is from eight to 20 years in prison.

According to investigators, on November 6, 2018, a premature baby was born in the institution - it weighed 700 grams. According to investigators, Belaya, thinking that the child will inevitably die, and this will spoil the statistics of the hospital (and reduce the chance of her being confirmed in the post), “and also wanting to save the resources spent on maintaining the newborn’s life support, she decided to kill the newborn.”

“Then, as directed by Belaya Sushkevich, she introduced a lethal dose of the medicine“ Magnesium sulfate ”to the newborn, which resulted in his death.
Further, on the instructions of Belaya, in order to conceal the murder of a minor, deliberately false information was introduced into the history of childbirth that there was a fact of intranatal death, that is, death of the fetus. ” The investigation claims that Sushkevich’s actions were confirmed by forensic medical examination and eyewitness testimony. In the materials of the case against and. about. Bela’s chief physician also says that at first the child was injected with the Kurosurf drug and connected to a ventilator. It is the high cost of the drug (the price may exceed 20 thousand rubles), according to the UK, has become one of the reasons that White gave instructions "to take possible measures to ensure that the child does not survive." The investigation also insists that Belaya instructed to falsify death data on the medical record - having written that he was born already dead.

Elena Bely was arrested on November 16, despite the fact that even the prosecutor’s office insisted on house arrest. On an appeal on November 22, Belaya was transferred to house arrest.
Then it became known that four employees of the maternity hospital told how Belaya demanded “illegal actions” from them. “I am quite a demanding leader. Perhaps the team doesn't like it at all, ”said and in court. about. Chief Physician Elena Belaya.

Then the case against Belaya was investigated on two episodes of abuse of power: the demand "to take all possible measures so that the child does not survive" and the falsification of the history of childbirth.

Medical Community Position
Representatives of the medical community expressed doubts about whether Belaya and Sushkevich had motives for the murder of a child, as well as a medical forensic examination, according to which the murder was committed by administering a lethal dose of magnesium sulfate. Doctors suggest that the child’s death was probably due to natural causes. The detection of excess normal amounts of magnesium sulfate according to some doctors may be due to its introduction to the mother or child for therapeutic purposes, or errors during the examination.
The Sushkevich case not only caused a public outcry, but also raised the issue of legal regulation of the resuscitation of premature babies. Doctors said that the regulation developed by an expert group is fundamentally necessary, which will establish approaches to resuscitation of children with extremely low weight, taking into account the severity of the condition, gestational age and the opinions of the parents of the newborn.
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Tamara02 октября 2020, 19:44
Adminuss05 сентября 2020, 00:50
Testimony of witness Irina Shirokaya, obstetrician-gynecologist at maternity hospital №4 "She told me:" Take it and rewrite it, or this will be your last day of work. " I tore a leaf from the story that said the baby was born alive and left it on my desk. Then she put it in a drawer. Completed the documents for the examination of the corpse. At 4:15 pm, I filled out the documents, wrote in them "intrapartum fetal death" "I copied the history of the mother's birth and the list of appointments by order of Belaya and under her dictation. I asked why to rewrite history. White replied: “Go and rewrite. If you do not understand why, then these are your problems. ”The handwriting examination confirmed this.
Adminuss05 сентября 2020, 00:45
Excerpts from the court session dated 09/04/2020. (a witness was invited. A female doctor, previously worked in a maternity hospital) 12:58. According to the witness, Elena Belaya ordered to register the child as deceased even before his birth. However, the witness refused to do so, despite pressure from her supervisor. She says Belaya threatened to be fired. 13:00. As a result, by the end of the working day, the birth history was rewritten and everything was arranged so that the child died during childbirth. According to the doctor, Elena Belaya personally dictated the text. They wrote that a very premature, incapable of life child was born. 13:13 The witness said that she understood that the child had little to live, since it was necessary to write a death certificate. 13:14. As a safety net, according to the witness, she kept the original birth history before the changes were made to them. 13:20 Witness: "The entire maternity hospital knew about the forgery of documents."
Valeria30 августа 2020, 01:24
The case of Belaya and Sushkevich is similar to another one, nicknamed by journalists "the Rugin case". In the last days of December 2015, a premature baby weighing 640 grams was born in one of the maternity hospitals of the Kaluga region. According to the investigation, the baby, who could still be saved, was deliberately left without any help. The charges of murder and incitement to him were brought against the deputy chief physician of the Kaluga Regional Clinical Hospital, Alexander Rugin, and two of his subordinates. Only the head of the obstetric department of the hospital received a suspended sentence. And this despite the fact that in the transcript of telephone conversations, Rugin's words are also present: “Well, what could I advise them in that case at the end of the year? Make him stillborn. "
Sergey Volchkov06 августа 2020, 19:08
Why the hell is a neonatologist not in the gym, but in IT, and whoever brings him a lifeless client from the audience?
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