Elena Belaya "-... so we sit down and rewrite history"

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Continuation to the entry about the chief physician of the maternity hospital Elena Belaya from Kaliningrad, who is on trial for the murder of a baby .

We are publishing a transcript of Elena Belaya's conversation at a meeting in the hospital, at which she says: ".... so we sit down and rewrite history! And we do antenatal ...."
This transcript was announced at the court hearing on August 28, 2020 in the court of Kaliningrad

The prosecutor read out the transcript of the recording:
"dialogue of three women - employees of maternity hospital No. 4. In the transcript attached to the criminal case, their voices are conditionally designated Zh1, Zh2 and Zh3. According to the prosecutor, the examination established that the voice of Zh1 belongs to Elena Belaya.

White: "<...> And make invalids, and substitute everyone, including the chief freelance obstetrician-gynecologist, so we sit down and rewrite history! And we do antenatal *. And God forbid you will do this again without me! Without my knowledge!"

G2: "How can I tell a woman if the woman was told that the child is alive. And he ... (further inaudible)."

Belaya: "Why did you say that? Why did you tell the woman that he was alive when you had none at all? Why did you not report to the manager? We have repeatedly said this! If you believe, go believe in the church, Ekaterina Alexandrovna ( Ed.neonatalogue of the maternity hospital №4 Kisel Ekaterina Aleksandrovna) You are a pediatrician! And you must think like a doctor, first of all! "

Woman 2: "I have to provide resuscitation assistance if a baby is born ..."

Belaya: "What kind of help? You summoned yourself at 4:30 when he was born to you? Or did you inform the Russian Orthodox Church at three o'clock that you were expecting such a child? You called the Russian Orthodox Church for childbirth, why did you for two hours you summoned them and did not inform them? "
"Here go, talk to the woman with Tatyana Lvovna and Tatyana Nikolaevna, explain as you like! It has been said that such a child should not be dead! Do as you wish! Why did you not inform me once again? And I was framed once again, and all the leaders, including the Ministry of Health . And again it will reach the Ministry of Health, to Grunicheva (Ed. Adviser to the regional governor) , and to everyone. And again the fourth, b ..., maternity hospital, is stupid again. "
"Because! Because in our country they are dying, in you, on the third day from atelectasis after your intubation! One and the same thing! Already tired of talking! One and the same thing! Like these, some insane everyone!"

Woman 2: "What should I have done to him ?! Not to do anything to him at all?"
... And rewrite history!

"White:" So do nothing! If you don't know how. Astakhova (Ed. Anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the perinatal center) , and everyone else, and Anvar Akmalovich (Ed. Safarov, neonatologist of the perinatal center) have repeatedly told you, but you are the smartest! You are the smartest, you save the world! You are great! Only then everyone laughs, including the methodology department, and everyone else at you, at your stories, when they ... (inaudible) are lying around you, blinking their eyes and clapping! Go talk to a woman! You have it ... And rewrite history! "

Woman 2: "What will I tell her?"

White: "I don't know what!"

Woman 2: "What will I tell her?"

White: "Now, discuss it with the manager and go talk! And whatever you want, then say it!"

G2: "I will not tell her that he is dead. How can I tell her? I came to her and said that he was alive, that he was on the apparatus, in a serious condition, in an extremely serious condition."

White: "So, say that you died during transportation, or whatever you want, then say it! And the woman who has not been examined, I think she is not interested in him!"

G3: "Very interested! She did not get pregnant for seven years, she cried all the time ..."

Belaya: “In general, Tatyana Lvovna and Tatyana Nikolaevna, please go! And the last warning to your staff. Bashmachenkova and Kisel.
If they continue to do this, then I do not know why ... At least let me know, I myself will come and take care of these children and talk to the woman. Because in fact, when it has already passed half a day and no one has informed, I understand that Bolashenko worked there very smart, who knows everything how to behave, better than anyone, and you consulted with her. "

W3: "Honestly!"

White: "What is my word of honor?"

W3: "I informed that such a woman entered ..."

White: "Of course, well done! You are great! We did everything right, wonderful!"

G3: "I immediately told the pediatrician that such a woman is giving birth here."

W2: We had everything prepared, both in the delivery room, and….

Belaya: "We understand, Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, you have everything prepared all the time! Not once have you and Bashmachenkova prepared everything! You get the same thing every time - the deceased on the third day! Every time you have the same thing - with atelectasis , encephalopathies and everything else! Do not inform, do not call! And when you call, people tell you antenatal! Antenatal! (sounds of banging on the table). They ... (inaudible), b ..., write "alive"! Revive him! If people tell you that, it means that they are responsible for you, for themselves and for all the obstetric care of the region and the city! And you shouldn't think that you are smarter than everyone else! You are far from smarter than everyone else, you look again like saviors, forgive God! "
* (Ed. ADRENATAL (medical jargon) - Antenatal fetal death (intrauterine fetal death) - fetal death during intrauterine development (before the onset of labor).

The material is taken from here: https://klops.ru
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Vladimir Dm.31 августа 2020, 09:56
Doctors rewrite history with impunity, and the prosecutor's office does not even investigate any inconsistencies - as if doctors have special knowledge ... and they will put up such heresies ... and believe. In general, if you are in the hospital, you need to take daily copies from honey. cards so that doctors are afraid to kill, since then they will not be able to forge and rewrite anything.
Svetlana30 августа 2020, 23:12
So in the whole country. Doctors will kill a person or a child. And if the relatives file an application, then the doctors conspired to calmly rewrite the history of the disease (that is, they hide the traces of the crime) and it is not possible to prove the fact of the murder. And if they don't cover up something, then their honey. experts will easily make a false examination.