The grandmother was buried as an unknown, although the children and grandchildren constantly called the hospital

31.08.2020 Adminuss
The outrageous case took place in hospital No. 2 in Omsk.

A pensioner and a labor veteran who died from the coronavirus was buried as unclaimed. And only a month later, the relatives were informed of her death.

An elderly woman was admitted to the Omsk emergency hospital No. 2 on July 17 with coronavirus infection. Face-to-face meetings with relatives were prohibited, only sometimes they managed to get through to the hospital and hear the phrase on duty: "The condition is stable and serious."
But on the next call from relatives to the hospital, they were told: "Your grandmother has been gone since July 31".

It turned out that on August 18 the pensioner was buried near the village of Morozovka as unclaimed. Moreover, the family insists that the medical staff knew the contact numbers of all relatives and their addresses, but no one bothered to contact them.
After the scandal, the hospital said they did not have contact details, and the local Ministry of Health said that the hospital simply could not get through to the family.

Yan's granddaughter says: “After July 31, my mother-in-law was in touch with the hospital. She works in another hospital, through her hospital channel she got in touch with one of the doctors, asked if something needs to be transferred from medicines, she answered that everything is, and everything "
The granddaughter recorded a video appeal, in which she says that she will not leave this case just like that and will seek an investigation of what their grandmother died about and whether this was a cover-up of medical negligence.
video message This video reached the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Murashko, who ordered to check the quality and timeliness of the provision of medical care to the grandmother, who was hospitalized in BSMP-2, and after her death was buried without the knowledge of her relatives.
The Minister of the Regional Ministry of Health, Irina Soldatova, met with the son of a pensioner and ordered that the hospital clarify all the circumstances of the incident. Later, the head doctor of the hospital, Oleg Popov, announced that the medical facility would cover all the costs of reburial of the body, and also pay for the flight for the granddaughter so that she could say goodbye to a loved one.
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