18.02.2021 Алина
Good afternoon! On October 16, 2018, my daughter, Zhurko Marina Igorevna, was unjustifiably refused hospitalization by ambulance at the GBUZ Vidnovsk Clinical Hospital.
The girl was sent home at night with a temperature of 38.8, while no one examined her, no X-rays were taken, etc. On October 21, in view of the deteriorating condition, my daughter was re-hospitalized at the GBUZ Vidnovsk Clinical Hospital, however, the doctor on duty that night, an anesthesiologist the resuscitator also did not help the patient.
At the same time, not even a hospital card was entered , as evidenced by the inspection document of Rossdravnadzor, which carried out this inspection according to the Resolution of the SK in Vidnoye.
Thus, my daughter was for 36 hours without medical care within the walls of the clinical hospital in Vidnoye ..
When Marina's condition worsened, she was placed in the ICU ward, where, as a result of the manipulations on catheterization of the subclavian veins, by the anesthesiologist resuscitator Maximov AB, the tops of both lungs were punctured, a bilateral pneumothorax was formed, the causes of which were carefully hidden by the doctors of the Vidnovsk Clinical Hospital, which did not allow provide the daughter with surgical care in time.
On October 23, against the background of a sharply deteriorating condition, the daughter was transferred to the general intensive care unit, where she was subsequently diagnosed with pneumonia, intoxication began, and therefore the resuscitation doctor Prusov EV, asked us to contact the head doctor of the hospital at that time, Barsuk VI, to resolve the issue about hospitalization in MONIKI, because hemodealysis was urgently needed. At the time of contacting Barsuk VI, the latter was not in place for a long time, so I called him at the phone number indicated on the hospital stand. Badger VI did not want to listen to me, saying that he was busy. Then my eldest daughter Victoria and I went on our own to Moscow, to Monica.
On the way to Moscow, due to a difficult situation, we turned to the Human Rights Ombudsman Dmitry Anatolyevich Lestovetsky, who within half an hour helped us resolve the issue, send an ambulance from Moscow to Vidnoe, to deliver a seriously ill daughter.
On October 30, after almost a week of unsuccessful struggle for her life, my daughter died. The immediate cause of death, as indicated in the autopsy report, is bilateral suppurative pneumonia. Several examinations have been carried out in accordance with the Resolutions of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Moscow Region. However, in view of the fact that the first examination carried out in the ANO "Center for Conflict Resolution in Medicine" according to the Deputy Head of the Investigative Committee for the Moscow Region was assigned incorrectly, questions were asked incorrectly, etc., at my request, a repeated commission examination was carried out in Chelyabinsk by the STELS Institute , where the causes of my daughter's death are detailed in all details and a causal relationship is established.
In the process of carrying out the examination on February 13, 2020 by the director of the STELS Research Institute, Professor Vlasov, in the UK in the Moscow region. a request was sent with a request to provide an archive of histological studies in the name of Zhurko MI, but this archive for unknown reasons disappeared from the walls of the Investigative Committee.
At the same time, in the criminal case on the death of my daughter there is a Resolution of the former investigator on the seizure of this archive from the MONIKI morgue, where the autopsy was carried out .. Investigator SA Shishkova herself. completely denies the receipt and acceptance of this archive from the operative E.A. Motev, who allegedly received this archive directly.
Nevertheless, this archive is the FUNDAMENTAL material evidence when conducting commission examinations.
On this fact, I repeatedly sent statements addressed to the leadership of the Investigative Committee in the Russian Federation to Bastrykin, who repeatedly went down to lower levels in the Main Investigative Directorate in the Moscow Region, as well as to the Prosecutor's Office in the Moscow Region, but there was no result.
Several internal checks were carried out, in the responses after which we did not see proper explanations and measures taken to identify the perpetrators .. On November 2, at a personal reception, I sent a statement about the crime to the deputy head of the Moscow Region, IN Doinikov. and the withering itself passes from hand to hand, without any result.
At the moment, an incomprehensible check is being carried out in the UK in the city of Domodedovo. On the fact of which, circumstances are being clarified that do not correspond to the answer I received today on 18 02 2021, signed by Nikolenko TA from the Main Investigation Department for the Moscow Region. Moreover, the deadlines for the inspection itself (30 days) are not respected .. I ask for your help and support in this matter. Thank you.
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