Poetess Olesya Stramkovskaya - "This is how they kill us"

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Olesya Stremkovskaya, a poetess from the city of Kirishi, Leningrad Region, contacted our editorial office and told how the doctors launched her oncology. The article consists of messages of correspondence. These messages are in the first person. Read please. It can happen to anyone. In our time, human life has ceased to be appreciated, and doctors calmly steal drugs for cancer, dooming patients to certain death. Think about it and don't trust doctors. Check, doubt, demand justification of doctors' appointments.
A generation of idiot doctors and purchased diplomas has grown up. Even if a doctor kills a person not deliberately, but out of ignorance, it will not make it easier for a person ...
Read and draw conclusions. Olesya stopped communicating on 02.12.2020.

"This is how they kill us. Yes, yes, exactly - they kill, I am not ashamed of any more in expressions - they are killers. Such killers in white coats, they continue to kill with impunity."

Olesya writes:
- “I don’t even know how to write, local doctors started oncology for me, I applied before, but they didn’t do anything.
the doctors killed the olesya Olesya Stramkovskaya.
Nov 25 @ 12:25 am
- "But I applied on time and the testimony a year ago was for a thorough examination and treatment, but they did nothing, they refused to provide timely examination and treatment, and today, like a bolt from the blue, they call from the antenatal clinic and report that I have cancer uterus!
I spent five days in the hospital after curettage and was discharged home with terrible pains in the abdomen .... And now they call - you have cancer !!! They just put an empty, mentor's voice before the fact and that's it !!!
.... And they also accuse patients that they say they do not apply and are not examined on time, and when they themselves ruin people with their negligence and disregard !!!!
We get to indifferent dropouts, and then - such a final !!! And then you will not achieve anything either in the UK or in the courts, and there will be no one to achieve anything already !!! One only thinks that someday they will be touched by retribution for all the grief that they brought to the families of innocent people !!!!
with my life - they destroyed it with their indifference, negligence, indifference !!!!
Olesya Stramkovskaya.
Nov 30 @ 1:48 am
- "What did the" killers in white coats "do, who, according to their profession, must heal us in time, save us ....., with my life - they destroyed it with their indifference, negligence, indifference !!!! with me, well, okay !!! I can answer for sure - it can happen to anyone !!!
It turns out, in fact, our life is a very fragile matter !!!

the 1st of December
In my case, it was necessary to treat a year ago, and these niggas - Aesculapians knew this and did nothing, in fact, they let me go. You have no idea what state I am in now.
I now lie at home with a high temperature for five days, they have something in the local hospital, I have histology on hand, I had to go with her to the regional cancer center today, but I can't.
This is the answer I received from the Health Committee of the Leningrad Region on the page of the regional governor, Drozdenko, and this is what I answered them. I am torn by bitterness and pain for such impudent replies and attitude towards people, for the life and health ruined through their fault, which is now irreparable!

Health Committee of the Leningrad Region
Olesya Stramkovskaya, hello! According to our information, you are undergoing examinations that have not yet been completed, the diagnosis has not been established. The question is under the control of the Chief Physician of the medical institution.

Olesya Stramkovskaya replied to the Community
The Health Committee of the Leningrad Region, your information is incorrect, I do not undergo any examinations at the place of residence, I have a histology on my hands, according to which I have Endometrial carcinoma of a moderate stage of differentiation, I am bent over from severe pain, an ambulance was called yesterday, which recommended urgently contacting an oncologist and did not help. In the antenatal clinic, I was assigned to an oncologist at Liteiny, 37 as early as December 4, before that for several days their nurse allegedly could not get through to the oncological dispensary. Today, with acute pains, I myself barely got through to the chief medical officer of the oncological dispenser at 37 Liteiny and explained the situation, to which this understanding, attentive person gave me his personal mobile phone number and wrote down a trace for Monday - Tuesday. weeks to his personal appointment. So let them not lie to you that in Kirishi someone has something under control. Today the head. Svetlova I.V. was discharged from the clinic. my mom's recipe for tramadol.

The Healthcare Committee of the Leningrad Region replied to Olesya
Olesya Stramkovskaya Hello! The Committee has a special department for checking the quality of medical care, please write an appeal to the Committee, we will conduct a thorough check, and if violations are detected, we will take measures against employees, including disciplinary ones.

Olesya Stramkovskaya replied to the Community
Health Committee of the Leningrad Region, there is no need to show off in front of people here, that now I have this alleged check of yours, which you will conduct in your favor, which I have no doubt about. BEFORE IT WAS NECESSARY TO TAKE MEASURES when I repeatedly contacted you, and your employees sent me replies that they were not in any medicine. I allegedly do not need help, even our Kirish Administration was sent such an impudent reply, which with my honey. documents in the spring I sent you an appeal with a request to help me, and there were systematic refusals from a rheumatologist and endocrinologist at the Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital, although the diseases are very serious, confirmed by numerous earlier extracts from Federal consultative clinics, where I am an invalid with 2 non-working groups and a pension of 8 thousand rubles had to apply for a fee, in spite of the compulsory medical insurance policy. Also back in July 2019, when, simply under the pressure of the chief endocrinologist Solomina E.A. , I was hospitalized for several days in the endocrine department, I was examined by a gynecologist at the Regional Clinical Hospital, and even then I had an enlargement inside the uterus, it was not clear what kind of process it was, but this, as I now understood, was already a precancerous condition, but they did not transfer me to the gynecological department of the Leningrad Regional Clinical Hospital in order to make a serious diagnosis, but they were recommended to do diagnostic curettage of the uterine cavity in an area where there are no good specialists, but I twice turned to gynecologists at the place of residence, providing an extract, but no recommendations were made by the regional gynecologist at the Kirishi KMB ... It's even up to Covid. And now I was discharged from the gynecology department with acute pains and oncology to bend at home and wait for death, probably no painkillers help, I can’t help but sleep, sit, lie down, and even scream at the entire staircase in the evenings, when the state becomes completely unbearable ...
And today the temperature has risen. There is no help, they do not care about the people here. Most importantly, since April, they have re-profiled the entire Kirishi KMB under the Kovidny hospital, and almost all the doctors have gone there, tk. they pay a lot of money for Covid, but not for CANCER!

Olesya 20:06
Apart from disgust for these Aesculapians and the administration (Committee of Health. Leningrad Oblast) I feel nothing.

answer December 2nd
I feel very bad now, if it's not difficult to post my story on the site. Let people read, many will not make my mistakes with these medical officials, will not wait and waste precious time on appeals and their formal replies, but will look for money by any means for good competent doctors, even in paid clinics. Than write, waiting for help, receiving formal replies, refusals, and then figs will bring them to criminal liability for negligence.
This is how they kill us. Yes, yes, exactly - they kill, I am no longer shy in expressions - they are murderers. Such killers in white coats, they continue to kill with impunity.
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