A selection of doctors' crimes from the "League of Patient Defenders"

08.02.2021 Редактор
Colleagues write health news non-stop. More like crime reports. Records from Alexander Saversky.
The chief physician of the Volzhsky City Children's Hospital of the Volgograd Region, Evgeny Dergachev, is suspected of large-scale fraud. He employed 11 "dead souls" in his medical facility.

In the oncological research and clinical center in Kursk, multimillion-dollar embezzlement was revealed. Funds were funneled through bogus bounty orders and "dead souls" in the state.

In the Hospital of war veterans of St. Petersburg, "dead souls" were found who received large awards. This was reported by the Fontanka newspaper, which studied the financial statements of the medical institution for 2019-2020.

In St. Petersburg, a doctor and a nurse were sentenced, who received almost 4 million rubles for "dead souls" hired to clean up the hospital. Botkin.

In Samara, the head physician of the hospital will be tried, who hired "dead souls" and received a salary of more than 2 million rubles for them.

The Ministry of Health of the Novgorod region has identified non-existent employees in local hospitals, who have been paid about 7 million rubles of wages in the last year alone.

An employee of one of the psychiatric clinics in the Republic of Mari El was convicted of misappropriating the salaries of non-existent employees; for the regional budget, the damage from the actions of a swindler was 450 thousand rubles.
Source: League of Patient Advocates
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