Reply of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Leningrad Region S.S. Shabanova

08.02.2021 Редактор
The aroma is alluring
And love recognition
The gaze of the eyes is burning !!! .....

Dear friends. Look at the response of the Commissioner for the Leningrad Region to our inquiry about bringing the poet Olesya Stramkovskaya (Olga Kapranova) from Kirishi, Leningrad Region, to a cancerous state.
To our request, the authorized representative replied that Olesya died of covid on 09.12.2020.

Strange death. Olesya contacted the editorial office on 12/02/2020 and left an appeal that doctors refuse to treat her for a year. They started her oncology. She also said that she achieved hospitalization at the regional onco dispensary. When talking to her, she showed no signs of covid. There was no cough, no fever, nothing to indicate a virus.
BUT later, after 3 days, she stopped communicating. We, concerned about her absence, made a request and received this terrible letter.
We do not want to think that this is doctors' revenge for her demands for treatment, for her civic position. We do not want to believe that the doctors deliberately took her life, that is, they simply killed her.

But this case makes us think about our life and about trusting doctors, what they do behind closed doors and why they give us the corpses of our loved ones so calmly.

An article with Olesya's accusations: here
She had many plans, she wanted to release her book of poetry, but .......... hell.

Please pray for this wonderful person.

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The most famous poem by Olesya:

The poem is a fantasy of my own composition based on real events that happened in my youth with my girlfriend in the village of the Saratov region.
25 july 2020
Poem - Fantasy
"A Tale of Love".

I wandered into the thicket of the forest,
Collect mushrooms in the box,
Salt them for the winter later
In a wooden barrel !!!

I will be in the winter cold
Remember autumn
From the keg of the old
To get mushrooms !!!

Wooden spoon
I caught a white mushroom
Here is the boletus,
And got honey mushrooms !!!

There are potatoes on the table,
Pickled cucumber,
Black loaf of bread
And fortified cognac !!!

The samovar is boiling
Here is a honey with a steering wheel,
- Sing along, Vanyushka!
-Something got hot !!!

- Our dance,
Play a song
We'll pick her up
Please, balalaika !!!

Winter evening
The party is noisy
And I remember
summer raspberries !!!

Summertime sometimes
You beckoned to you
Beloved with me !!!

Eh, memories
How you tear your heart
After all, far dear,
He serves in the infantry !!!

I'm waiting for him right
I am sending letters,
Dear, dear
I do not forget!!!

I remember our meetings
Goodbye until dawn
Kisses are tender
And bouquets of flowers !!!

The aroma is alluring
And love recognition
The gaze of the eyes is burning !!! .....

Gave me a handkerchief
With satin embroidery
-Roses are scarlet on it
And the heart is red !!!

-At the heart itself
Keep my gift
Our feeling is bright
Look, don't be ashamed !!!

I'll give you a present in return
I presented him,
Charm - pendant
I gave it to my hands !!!

-You open the pendant,
- You see the two of us,
Like two white swans
Are inseparable in it !!!

- Talisman of this love
Keep on your chest
Like the apple of my eye
Holy take care !!! .........

Friends and girlfriends
They dance and laugh
I'm in a corner
I drink seagulls from a saucer !!!

Tea with sweet jam
From berries - raspberries,
Is it not a miracle
For a winter party !!!

I'll wait for a sweetheart
My darling will return
And love and joy
The river will flow into the house !!!

And this separation -
Our feelings are tested
So whispered in my ear
My little sister Verka !!!

Cute letters writes
And she misses me
Cross stitch on the calendar
She marks her days !!!

Soon, soon, soon
The separation will end
And will return home
From the Army of Pavlukh !!!

Red sunsets
You and me will have everything
Better than code then !!! .....

A blizzard is dawning outside the window,
The guys went their separate ways
I take it out of the barrel
Autumn mushrooms !!!

Fungus and two - fungus,
Cognac shot glass,
The night is in full swing already outside the window,
Where is my shirt ?!

I am a satin shawl
I'll hide it under my shirt
Suddenly a tear came
No, I won't pay !!!

May you have a sweet dream
Where we are with my dear,
Summer, field, hayloft
And flowers to the bride !!!

Kisses until the morning
Milk and drying,
And ripe, sweet raspberries
Two big mugs !!!

Time flies fast
Here the service life has expired,
I receive a letter:
- There is no more friendship !!!

- What is, I do not understand,
Can this be a joke?
A cruel joke is not good
My heart is gnawing !!!

Pavlik writes further to me,
- You, I'm sorry, little,
Didn't dare to write
- I have another !!!

How did it happen, why,
I don't know myself
But I don't love you
On the other I suffer !!!

I met at the service
Cute girl
Soon my wedding
Baby and diapers !!!

Well, don't be discouraged,
You will have everything
How many guys are around
Someone will love !!!

My bride and I
We'll be arriving soon
In the village club celebrate
We will have our wedding !!!

I read over and over again
As if in a dream
I can't believe
Pavlik writes to me? !!!

Everything inside snapped
The whole world collapsed
Something cracked inside
The devil rules the feast !!!

How can it be, it can't be
- Believed, waited? !!!
And I took out a handkerchief,
I see - there is a hole in it !!!

Heart is red with a hole
The roses are torn
Pavlik is no longer with me,
Hey soul, wake up !!!!

Pain and cold, emptiness
In my chest
I was faithful to him
And in response - I'm sorry!

I kept honor and bloated,
She took care of the letters,
Shunned all the guys
And now alone !!!

How can one live in the world now,
I want to scream
Tears are pouring, my heart is breaking
I want to run !!!

How to live in a village dear,
After all, everyone will laugh
And endure sidelong glances
Gossip about me?

Can I go to the city
Escape from the village
And betrayal and wedding
Where to wait? !!!

Well, to the point, from myself, after all
You won't run away forever
Not on me, but on the guy
There is a grave sin !!!

I'm not to blame for anything
I have not betrayed - not love,
Our friendship,
I believed and waited !!!

So what am I ashamed of
And to be reputed to be a coward,
At the traitor Pavlusha
The conscience should whine !!!

Look into his eyes
And ask, laughing:
-What are you fooling your head,
Such scum? !!!

- Why didn't he admit
Immediately to me that
That another queen
Is your heart in? !!!

Why were you cowardly, lied to me in letters,
If you fell out of love,
And another darling
He let him into his life? !!!

Oh, of course, I realized
How blind I am
Alternate airfield
It was for you !!!

Well, but now they have opened
I have eyes
What a traitor and a coward
I was waiting for home !!!

All, hopes were scattered,
There is no more love
The wind whispers: "Calm down!
-Don't roar !!!

-What are you the wind, how can you
I suffer about
What is not in this life,
There is only a garden and a house !!!

Mom is and is a sister,
The forest is thick, the river,
In the field - cornflowers, daisies,
There are clouds in the sky !!!!

And love is all fairy tales
For naive fools
I don't believe in her anymore
I will feed them like chickens !!!

Day after day the days are running
And I'm all in business
I gradually forget
What is pain and fear !!!

But soon in the village
Rumors spread
That Pavlusha and the bride
They moved to the village !!!!

Suddenly the heart sank,
The wound began to whine
But I squeezed the pain in my soul,
We must continue to live !!!

Eh, cool car
I drove into the village
People instantly opened
Shutters and window !!!

All the people in the village suddenly decided
Meet the kid
They got out of the cool car
Pasha and she !!!

He became somehow not so -
City dude
Fashionable, stylish, impudent,
Is he or is not he? !!!

Next to a girl in a dress
Barbie doll is straight
Gold jewelry
They are ringing - thrill - brave !!!

Everything is clear, what you say here,
Virgo with money
Daddy can be seen stolen
Like an oligarch !!!

Everything is clear, our Pavlusha,
Feelings and love
Exchanged for money
Luxury, "golden" blood !!!

I watched the prize winner
To all these show-offs
Suddenly anger took possession of me,
I walked out of the crowd !!!

Everyone around was quiet at once,
- What will happen?
I walk confidently
Moving forward !!!

Came close to Pashka,
I say: Hello!
- If you live, I see cool!
That's my answer !!!

- I was waiting for you, I loved you,
She was faithful
Your present at the heart
Piously cherished !!!

- But you betrayed my love,
Trampled feelings
You are a scumbag, a coward, a deceiver,
You sold yourself !!!

- Here is your gift, look,
What happened to him suddenly -
Roses have become like worms
heart - a torn circle !!!

- I am returning your gift,
He's not mine anymore
You can give it
What's the matter with you now !!!

I put a handkerchief
Into the hand of the scoundrel
Blood oozes from wounds
On his face !!!

The whole crowd screamed
We ran away
- Witch! - they shouted at me
-Witch, go away !!!

I was the only one standing
Hard as steel
And in my eyes there was only
Bitter sadness !!!

Squealing barbie doll
Jumped into the salon
And her driver
Brought the girl out !!!

- Where is the pendant, Pasha?
I suddenly asked
The one that amulet
Was there any parting? !!!

Pavel started up,
Suddenly woke up, got up,
No more blood spills
From swollen wounds !!!

- Sweetheart, dear,
You are my Love ,
I was bewitched
All this is a snake !!!

- Devilish Charm
I was bewitched
Gold, riches
I turned my head !!!

- A dark night like that,
She took off the amulet,
And to the old witch
She took it down !!!

- I could not resist
To evil witchcraft
Charam, love spell
And to another evil !!!

- Like a zombie - a robot,
Followed orders
This is what she did to me
Vile infection !!!

- But now everything is in the past,
The spell was gone from me
Witch curses
We broke it !!!

-You are love and soul
I put it in my handkerchief
I believed, waited for me
And I sincerely loved !!!

- You are under his heart
I wore day and night
Therefore, in a handkerchief
Huge strength !!!

- Couldn't break him
Witchcraft and corruption
Because love is stronger
I know for sure !!!

He came up to me,
Hugs gently
And kisses on the lips
And caresses me !!!

I feel, Pasha,
My beloved, glorious,
Now he is the same
Kind and welcome !!!

I can not believe it,
That a miracle happened
I'm three sisters for sure
Now I will believe !!!

Faith and Hope
And love to boot
These three sisters
Will bring good luck !!!

Pasha unclenches
A fist with a handkerchief,
He is now as before,
Heart and flowers !!!

We look with inspiration
To a symbol of kindness
And souls take wings
And thoughts are pure !!!

No wonder people said
Love saves the world
We will remember this,
And tomorrow there will be a feast !!!

Ah, the berry is the raspberry
I've been waiting for you so much
Green plain
And a clean river !!!

Dreams and dreams come true
And a feast like a mountain around
I'm the bride in white
and next to a dear friend !!!

Today is our wedding
And the house is full of guests
Gifts, congratulations
And jokes of all stripes !!!

And the guests shout in unison
Increasingly: Bitter! us,
We kiss tenderly
To the delight of all guests !!!

Champagne sparkling
Mushrooms on the table
And the tart taste is familiar
In raspberry wine !!!

Ah, the berry is the raspberry
Where are you luring again?
- To the known distances,
Where love reigns !!!!!

Olesya has an old disabled mother. We made a request to the Commissioner for Human Rights, the Society of Disabled People, President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin about helping the mother of Olga Kapranova (poet Olesya Stramkovskaya)
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