Glandular surgery can be deadly

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After the publication of the story of Irina Yerkina on our website, " Impunity breeds irresponsibility and crime ."Irina's daughter killed by doctors
We have investigated and found a lot of similar cases.
We lay out several cases in this article.
In our country, any operation can lead to the death of a person, due to impunity and mutual responsibility.
Go to any cemetery, how many graves there are of young people, even more than old people. The question arises why? And below is one of the answers.

In the clinical hospital No. 1 at the University named after I.M. Sechenov in Moscow, after a planned operation to remove the tonsils, Ekaterina Yankovskaya died. She was only 17 years old. The operation was performed by Professor Andrey Lopatin
the girl died from tonsil surgery On April 29, schoolgirl Ekaterina Yankovskaya went to one of the best clinics in Moscow - the I.M. Sechenov, where a simple medical procedure turned into death for her. Due to an unsuccessful operation to remove the tonsils, Catherine fell into a coma for 96 days, from which she never came out.

Her mom tells; - "There was a medical error during the operation ... my child just drank blood. When she started bleeding, the doctors later noticed that the blood was going to the lungs."

However, the medical history indicates that there was anaphylactic shock from the drug, which was supposed to stop the bleeding. According to doctors, it was because of an allergy to this medicine that the girl fell into a coma.
At the University named after I.M. Sechenov, this surgeon and anesthesiologist who performed the operation no longer work. Immediately after the girl's death, he quit the hospital and moved to another medical facility.

15-year-old Nastya Afenova, after an operation to remove tonsils at the clinic. Sechenova fell into a coma and became disabled .. The examination proved that the staff of the intensive care unit were to blame.
disabled person after surgery
A medical error during a trifling operation led to a coma, after which Nastya got into a wheelchair, and no one is going to help her cope with the dire consequences of someone's negligence.
Nastya Afenova Nastya's parents say: “After the operation, the anesthesiologist did not wait until Nastya finally regained consciousness, but gave her to a colleague from the intensive care unit on receipt and went about her business.
The daughter's wounds were bleeding. The doctor to whom our daughter was transferred - Tatyana Mikhailovna Fomenko , although she was a resuscitator, could not intubate the trachea in the event of an emergency so that the patient breathed through it, and did not choke on her own blood. Later, 600 ml was pumped out of Nastya's lungs. blood "

The head of the children's intensive care unit, Ph.D., a doctor of the highest category with over thirty years of experience, Gennady Ivanovich Donov , tried to pump out the child on his own, for more than two hours he did not send her to adult intensive care.
And then Nastya's heart stopped.
Nastya died for two hours in front of her parents, and the doctors did not send her to an adult intensive care unit, where they could help her. Finally, the ambulance was called, but the car was not warmed up, the month of February, Nastya was put in her icy interior. And then Nastya's heart stopped.

The girl was revived, but irreparable changes have already taken place in the brain, cells have died. “On the third day we were taken to Burdenko. They immediately warned that the case was difficult, and if there is no improvement in two weeks, then all efforts may be useless. "
Nastya regained consciousness on the 11th day. On artificial lung ventilation, not breathing on her own, she temporarily became blind, suffered two pneumonia. But she returned from the other world.
Nastya is in a coma
Nastya Afenova is in a coma. Photo from the personal archive. A simple operation and what dire consequences.
At the end of April, completely paralyzed, Nastya was discharged home. The doctors said they did everything they could. Then we ourselves.

24-year-old Orchan woman Natalya Kurkina died of acute blood loss. Otolaryngologist with the first professional category and 20 years of work experience Elena Rogachevskaya performed a planned operation that day. the doctors killed the girl ... After removing the right tonsil, Natalya started bleeding, she even lost consciousness. The left tonsil was removed more successfully, but when the surgeon returned to work on the right one and removed its remainder with scissors, blood gushed from the cut vessels.
If Rogachevskaya had used not a cutting tool, but a special loop, as it should be in such cases, damage to the branches of several arteries at once could have been avoided. (this is a surgeon with 20 years of experience)
The doctor did nothing. When her colleague at the next table finished his operation, then, going up to the patient Rogachevskaya, he saw that the patient was no longer breathing, and more than 1800 milliliters of blood had accumulated in the drainage tray. Another half liter of blood goes into the stomach.
The situation could be saved by performing a technique for stopping bleeding on the carotid artery. Nothing prevented the ligation of the carotid artery through an incision in the neck. But instead, Rogachevskaya clamped the wound with a swab.
Therefore, when the resuscitation team arrived, Kurkina was diagnosed with hemorrhagic shock of the fourth (most severe possible) degree.
However, instead of drastically stopping the bleeding, doctors injected new drugs and performed mechanical ventilation. Half an hour later, they ascertained the death of the girl.

It turned out that this was not the first death at the hands of this doctor. The first woman to die after the operation performed by Rogachevskaya was from Guy, and she had a little son. Close Gaich women did not apply. And the surgeon continued her practice ...
But after the second case of death at the hands of this doctor, a criminal case was initiated and the Oktyabrsky District Court of the city of Orsk ruled, according to which Elena Rogachevskaya was sentenced to imprisonment for one year in a colony-settlement
Plus, for three years she will not have the right to operate on people. The court also ordered to pay two hundred thousand rubles for moral damage to the Kurkin family and compensate material damage - the cost of burial and funeral, only 78 thousand rubles.

On February 6, Dmitry Chernukhin had tonsils removed, he was discharged home with a fever, and a few days later he was taken to the hospital by ambulance ... On March 1, Dmitry died.
He underwent surgery in the third city hospital of Tambov, TOGBUZ No. 3.
a man killed by doctors
This is only a small part of the facts of medical negligence or mistakes that led to the death of people in a simple operation.
Doctors with huge work experience neglect the rules and physiology of a person and because of this, tragedies occur. Because doctors know that they will not be punished for negligence.
BUT in the event of such a case, it is NECESSARY TO SUBMIT AN APPLICATION and demand punishment for the doctor.
As practice shows, when a person is killed again, the doctor is still suspended from work and imprisoned. Physicians unable to save human lives should not work in medicine.
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