Children's surgeon Mikhail Chetin died of a heart attack. Daughter blames doctors for his death

18.02.2021 Светлана Лазутина
In the death of Mikhail Chetin, a well-known children's surgeon in Ulyanovsk, his daughter accuses the doctors of the Raduga vascular center (a subdivision of the Central Committee of the Medical Department) that they did not provide her father with emergency assistance when he had a heart attack.
deceased doctor On February 8, at the age of 61, a pediatric surgeon, endoscopist, teacher of the Department of Pediatrics at UlSU Mikhail Chetin died of a heart attack. He had a heart attack right at his workplace, while receiving patients at the Neva clinic.
The ambulance team took him to the Raduga vascular center, but hospitalization and emergency care were denied there. After the computed tomography, the doctors of "Raduga" diagnosed their colleague with pneumonia, so they sent Chetin to the covid hospital of the Central City Clinical Hospital. There he soon died of acute transmural myocardial infarction, left ventricular failure.

The daughter of the deceased, Polina Chetina, who is herself a doctor, said that the employees of "Rainbow" abandoned her father to fend for themselves, "having drawn him covid pneumonia." And she said that in November her father had a hard time suffering from the coronavirus. The results of a CT scan in a rehabilitation center are precisely the consequences of covid.

The daughter says - "The man had a life-threatening condition - a heart attack. At work he had an ECG, the cardio team brought him to a specialized clinic. He could not speak because of the pain, did not have the strength to change. But based on the results of the CT scan, he was denied hospitalization. The doctors decided to take him to the hospital. him to the other end of the city in the Central City Clinical Hospital. It is inhuman. Transportation was complicated by rush hour, and there was not enough time for rescue. Doctors of the Central City Clinical Hospital began to urgently operate on Mikhail Chetin, but it was already too late. "

According to the daughter of Mikhail Chetin, "so far no one is determined to engage in proceedings, everyone is just being eliminated."

The head physician of the Central Medical Unit, Yuri Kelin, said that the medical workers of the primary vascular department did everything that depended on them. "Rainbow" is a diagnostic and treatment center, we simply do not have a department where heart surgeries are performed "
Kelin explained that his subordinates examined Mikhail Chetin and decided to hand him over to the surgeons of the private organization Alliance Clinics, which are located in the same building and carry out medical services under the state order. Kelin suggests that a combination of circumstances led to the tragic outcome. "Apparently, there was a large area of heart damage",

Vyacheslav Piguzov, deputy director for treatment at Alliance Clinic +, said that it was his colleagues who operated on Mikhail Chetin at the Central City Clinical Hospital: “In terms of routing, the patient came to us and was operated on. explained that the loss of time and the serious condition of Cetin led to the death of the famous pediatric surgeon.

At a meeting with the main freelance specialists, Governor Sergei Morozov instructed the regional Ministry of Health to report to him as soon as possible on the results of the check on the death of children's surgeon Mikhail Chetin.
"I talked to both his colleagues and family. If the negligence I was told about is confirmed, the conclusions will be extremely harsh."
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