A healthy child has cardiac arrest for 25 minutes or doctors and experts lie about the cause of death

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My daughter died in the hospital, allegedly of sepsis. I believe that she died from severe bleeding, which occurred due to an error during the operation to remove the tonsils.
When removing, the doctor touched large vessels.
The operation lasted more than 2 hours, when, according to the norm, such simple operations are carried out on average for 20 minutes.

girl killed by doctors
Christina before surgery. Completely healthy and cheerful child. The daughter will subsequently die of a hemorrhage in the adrenal glands from colossal blood loss, with the complete connivance of the doctors.

The daughter was admitted to the hospital on July 11, 218 for a planned operation to remove the tonsils.
On 12.07.2018, an operation was performed, which lasted more than 2 hours. During the operation, the doctor touched the vessels. And instead of stopping the bleeding with special methods and drugs, the doctor simply collected the flowing blood with a swab.
The blood was stopped at that moment, but a lot of blood was lost. Christina complained of constant weakness and thirsty. Which directly indicates anemia. I said this to the doctors, but they did not listen to me.
Christina could not eat, and I told the doctors - "inject special mixtures for food intravenously", but the doctors refused to do it. My daughter was starving these days, because of this she had weakness and tissue catabolism began.

5 days after the operation on July 17 at 16:00 a blood vessel burst near the right tonsil (at the site of the operation), at 19:00 on the same day bleeding occurred on the left.
The daughter lost a lot of blood and at 19:30 she had a cardiac arrest for 25 minutes.
The doctors managed to save her daughter and they introduced her into an artificial coma, and subsequently Christina fell into a real coma, with which she never came out.

After that, doctors began to say that Staphylococcus aureus was to blame, which was so aggressive against the background of TWO ANTIBIOTICS that it caused the destruction of blood vessels, which, according to doctors, simply rotted.
But how is this possible??? With a daily monitor by doctors, with the use of 2 antibiotics. This simply cannot be either in human physiology, or in the ontogeny of staphylococcus, or in the results of analyzes !!!!
Doctors believe that due to staphylococcus, the blood vessels have completely rotted in 3 hours .
For 3 hours while taking two strongest broad-spectrum antibiotics.
But they do not explain how this is possible at all. !!!!!!
They say that further sepsis occurred and my girl died from blood poisoning and due to the fact that the blood vessels rotted and blood also leaked out.
But this is impossible. In 3 hours the vessels cannot rot in any way. I believe the doctors and experts lied. Death of a person is not possible with a slight increase in inflammation (the number of leukocytitis).
According to specialized literature, only with neutrophilic leukocytosis with leukocyte counts of 50-100 × 109 U / L. death of a person occurs.
Below are my daughter's blood tests. From which it can be seen that at the time of bleeding there was no sepsis, there was not even minimal inflammation.
The statements of doctors and experts are not supported by anything. And only lies and falsification to justify their negligence.
blood test As can be seen from the test results at the time of blood loss, from which the daughter fell into a coma, there are no inflammations, leukocyte count (6.5) is the golden mean (the norm in children under 21 is 4.5-11.8 × 109 U / l ).
That is, no mythical staphylococcus could cause tissue decay, from which the blood vessels rotted and it was at the site of the operation.
This is against human physiology and medical science. Let me remind you that the operation lasted more than 2 hours, during which there was bleeding and large vessels were damaged.

After the operation, in order to avoid inflammation, 2 strong broad-spectrum antibiotics CEFRIAXONE and CIPROFLAXACIN were prescribed.
At the time of blood loss and cardiac arrest, leukocytes are 5.7-6.9 × 109 U / L. 07/20/2018 on the day of death from 11:45 - 14:59 leukocytes 2.2-6.4 × 109 U / l - that is, this is even below the norm and the norm.
And then, immediately before death on July 20, 2018, a slight increase to 16.6 (the norm of a person under 21 years old is 4.5-11 × 109 U / l)
That is, blood tests show slight inflammation, but not sepsis .

My daughter died on July 20, 2018 at 22:30.
The last time the drug CEFRIAXONE and CIPROFLAXACIN were administered was on July 20, 2018 at 16:00. There were 6 hours before death.
If the doctors believed that the child had sepsis (that is, fatal poisoning of the blood with staphylococcus), so why did they not inject further antibiotics, why did not they use drugs for detoxification?
Here's why. Because there was no intoxication or sepsis. This is just an invention of doctors to justify their negligence and mistakes during the operation.

I was constantly in the hospital during the day, the doctors examined Christina in my presence, and there was no tissue decay that could provoke the melting of the blood vessels.
According to doctors and experts without proof, the destruction of blood vessels occurred only at the site of the operation, where there was massive bleeding, and there were NO disturbances in other tissues of the body.
According to human physiology, this is not possible !!! Only inflammation is possible. But if massive tissue decay occurs, then all organs are affected. Not only the vessels had to rot, but also the adjacent tissues. But that did not happen.

Against the background of the use of 2 strong antibiotics, with the doctors constantly checking the condition of my daughter's oral cavity, tissue rot is simply not possible.
But doctors say without proof that it was staphylaccoccus that caused fatal sepsis and destroyed blood vessels. (according to specialized literature, staphylaccoccus can only destroy the lipid protection of hair follicles and thus penetrate into the body, simply causing acne)

In addition to antibiotics, antistaphylococcal immunoglobulin and a special bacteriophage are used to combat staphylococcus. These drugs were not used, which means there was no mythical sepsis and tissue necrosis caused by it.
Extract from the examination:
no infection
An extract from the examination, which says that there is no data on the development of the infection. Bleeding arose in human physiology due to the failure of reparative processes from severe anemia and tissue catabolism.
On the prescription list, there are mainly drugs to improve the nutrition of the brain, due to the fact that after the first massive bleeding, the daughter's heart stopped and the doctors put her into a state of artificial coma (and is Staphylococcus aureus to blame for this too?)
Below are extracts from the protocols for prescribing drugs:

destinationprescribing drugs
That is, doctors are directly to blame for the death of my daughter, and not some kind of staphylakcoccus, which allegedly destroyed the blood vessels by rotting in the place of operation in 3 hours.
The operation was initially performed with complications, and later fatal bleeding occurred due to medical negligence. And the blood volume was not restored by the doctors. This is the cause of my daughter Christina's death, not the mythical staphylococcus.
In confirmation of the doctors' opinion, an excerpt from the examination, which indicated that during the treatment, my daughter's body temperature was 36.5 C. That is, there is no hint of any inflammation, but with inflammation and intoxication of the body this cannot be.
According to human physiology and the pathology of sepsis, inflammation is always accompanied by an increase in body temperature
from the regulatory systems of the body up to 40 C and above, as a response to intoxication. Body temperature
3rd degree of shock
Doctors and experts write about the 3rd degree of shock, which, according to the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation dated April 24, 208, No. 194n, is a serious harm to health, without treatment, it always ends in death.
Doctors write that yes there was a blood loss from which the daughter fell into a coma, and that Staphylococcus aureus did it, melting the blood vessels.

But this is a complete lie that I wrote about above. There are no signs of sepsis and decay of tissues, there is no temperature, my daughter did not complain of severe pain, but only of weakness and constant thirst.
But these are direct signs of blood loss and anemia, which, due to catabolism (tissue destruction) and due to insufficient reparative processes, led to the resumption of bleeding in the damaged vessels.

Evidence of lies of experts about the degree of blood loss in my entry " Independent examination" or experts on the side of lawlessness "
Calculation of fatal blood loss and cause of death in my article .

According to blood tests from 17-20.07.2018:
34.4 (cf. 6) - anexcess of 5.5 times by 550%,
creatinine 535.6 (cf. 55) - anexcess of 10 TIMES 1000%.
ALT - 289-334 -exceeds the average values by 10 times, that is, by 1000%
AST - 89-390 - themaximum exceeds the average values by 12 times, that is, by 1200%

That is, according to human physiology, this is a failure of the kidneys and liver. With such blood counts, death is inevitable.
So what kind of mythical sepsis, supposedly developing within 3 hours, can we talk about when the liver and kidneys have failed? That is, multiple organ failure is evident!
Theamount of glucose in the blood increased 2.5 times.

That is, the internal organs were starving. Didn't the doctors see this? Or did they sentence my daughter to death after cardiac arrest?

This data can be traced back to the analysis results. Which worsened and resulted in death.

According to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of August 17, 2007 N 522 item 4 (Rules for determining the severity of harm caused to human health) - this harm is a serious harm to health.
And this serious harm, which ended in death, was inflicted precisely in the hospital and subsequently by hidden and falsified doctors.

urea In fact, my daughter died after massive bleeding on July 17, 2018, when her heart stopped for 25 minutes due to a lack of blood.
And then the ventilator breathed behind her, creating the appearance of life. Organs refused every day, doctors actually did nothing to save me. They introduced drugs that could no longer save the child.
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