"Independent Expertise" or Experts on the Side of Lawlessness?

27.01.2021 Ирина
When appointing a forensic medical examination at the Bureau of the FMS, we hope to receive an objective, substantiated and honest opinion of independent experts.
The reality, unfortunately, is different .... If you look at the order of the Ministry of Health 183n, my daughter, according to all indications, on 07/17/18 at 16.15, and this is 5 minutes after the bleeding, had hemorrhagic shock of grade 3, but not 2, as indicated by the doctors ... Consequently, the blood loss of 800 ml indicated in the medical history was underestimated, as well as the degree of shock.
Three hours passed between two bleeding, during which Gelofusin 500 ml (!) Was injected, with hemoglobin 64 g / l , and only 3 hours later, when the second bleeding began, hemoglobin dropped to 60 g / l , blood transfusion was started. (hemoglobin less than 83 g / l is a severe (fatal) degree of blood loss according to the classification of Prof. Gorbashko)

But if the transfusion had started on time, Christina would have been alive now. However, the experts considered that everything was done on time and in full.
One of the examinations stated that the cause of bleeding is purulent-necrotic fusion of the walls of blood vessels, but the first signs of infection in the body appear 8 hours after bleeding. (Interesting infection, appeared, melted everything it could, disappeared, and reappeared after 8 hours)
Another conclusion says that they simply do not know why the bleeding occurred, but they told everything that happened after, up to a nonexistent fracture of the sternum.

According to the experts' answers, there was no sepsis, and therefore there could be no melting of the blood vessels. The absence of sepsis was also confirmed by normal body temperature measurements.
expert response
Experts write absurd, unsubstantiated conclusions, underestimate the severity, do not answer the questions posed.

Experts in the examination make 2 mutually exclusive conclusions, 2 or 3 degrees of blood loss.
Below is a screenshot from a medical examination:

examination scan
Photo from honey. examination, in which experts write that after bleeding, hemorrhagic shock of the 3rd degree developed.
I don't think denying a lethal shock is not incompetence, but a cover-up for killers in white coats. And the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee, seeing and knowing all this, dismisses the case due to the "absence of a crime EVENT". So maybe not so experts and independent?

Below is the data of human physiology. In which the following indicators are indicated: hemoglobin less than 83 g / l and a heart rate of more than 100 beats / min - this is severe (fatal blood loss).
That is, the experts deliberately underestimated the degree of blood loss, against all medical data. To free the killer doctors from criminal liability.

Christina had a blood pressure of 65/40 BP, hemoglobin 64 g / l, pulse 120 beats / min.


The third degree of blood loss leads to the third and fourth degree of shock, which lead to death. This is indicated in the order of the Ministry of Health signed by Golikova.
The experts also indicated a fatal grade 3 shock in their report.

shock of golikov
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