Impunity breeds irresponsibility and crime

25.01.2021 Ирина
Two and a half years ago, my life was divided into "BEFORE" and "AFTER" ... "Before" is a happy life filled with light, and "After" ...
Many people ask me how the case ended, but it ended with the termination of the criminal case, “due to the absence of a crime event.” There are no crime events, due to the fact that not a single examination was able to establish the reason for the bleeding.
They frankly say that they do not know what happened, and how to find out if my daughter (pressure, heart rate, RR) in the postoperative period was the same as the condition of the man who died for the same reasons, but after 1.5 years ( at least, sometimes, change the numbers !!!)
So what do I have? My daughter had no vascular damage, no complications after tonsillectomy, no abnormalities, no chronic diseases, no health abnormalities, i.e. nothing that could cause bleeding.
So what caused it? There is only one answer, as the doctor who operated on Christina told me, “the arteries burst themselves, this happens,” however, nowhere in medical practice, as well as in the literature, this is not mentioned.
And yet another "doctor" convinced me that the tamponade, which he carried out for an hour, with such bleeding, is a very effective way to stop bleeding (apparently, he had not learned anything else).
Several forensic medical examinations were carried out, according to one conclusion "... carrying out a planned surgical intervention in the form of bilateral tonsillectomy on 12.07.2018 was contraindicated ...." "... carrying out a planned surgical intervention was performed in violation of the recommendations of the National Guide" Otolaryngology "under the leadership of V. Palchun ...
"However, .." it is not possible to establish a causal relationship, as well as its absence. "
The following expert opinion contains a long list of defects, both therapeutic and diagnostic, but they also cannot "speak for what reason the bleeding occurred" ...
"The shortcomings (defects) of the medical and diagnostic aid provided by Popova K.A. in the hospital did not allow full use of all the possibilities of providing specialized medical care, that is, they were a condition that contributed to the development of negative consequences and the onset of death."
That is, the ENTs performed the operation, despite the contraindications, for some reason did not carry out proper supervision and did not prescribe the necessary treatment, which led my daughter to intensive care.
And the resuscitators did not carry out the necessary full diagnostics and did not treat the sepsis that arose due to improper actions, which led to the death of Christina.
However, according to experts, there is no connection between all these actions and inaction of doctors, the occurrence of sepsis and a life-threatening condition for the daughter, and then the death that followed, and, accordingly, the conclusion of the investigation, NO CRIME EVENTS.
And my daughter is not there either. She died due to a disease undiagnosed by doctors, which arose after an operation performed by them with contraindications, that is, due to someone's incompetence or negligence.
In August 2018, I wrote to the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, that I was afraid that those responsible for the death of my daughter would evade responsibility. Two and a half years ago, my appeal was not taken into account, but now everything happened exactly as we feared. Perhaps this would not have happened if people were in their places ...
Ask why I am writing all this, and what exactly can you do now? Material compensation never interested me and does not interest me, as I have repeatedly said to the "extremely caring" head of the ENT department, who again came to mock our grief as soon as the criminal case was closed (yes, I did not learn about this decision from the investigator).
Last time, spreading information about what happened to Christina helped us at the stage of initiating a criminal case. Then it was you who helped convey our story to thousands of people, it was thanks to you that they heard us. Now I am asking you the same thing.
Please distribute this record among acquaintances, friends, specialists. Even one repost is of enormous importance. My daughter cannot be resurrected, I will never see her alive, I will not hear her voice, ringing laughter and I will not be able to hug her.
But I hope that drawing attention to the problem of sudden and "absolutely causeless" deaths of patients due to the negligence and incompetence of doctors will help save someone dear. Account link:
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Oles12 февраля 2021, 20:29
Here are the bitches. Until doctors are indicatively hanged for the deaths of people, nothing will change. And how they did it in Chechnya, an excellent article ( the surgeon who performed the unsuccessful operation)
Редактор12 февраля 2021, 19:28
This is beyond comprehension. A healthy girl came to the operation. And she died from the fatal mistakes of doctors. But they are not to blame - it just happened by itself.