A 10-year-old child died from the inaction and heartlessness of a doctor in Balashikha.

13.02.2021 Лилия
On September 26, 2019 at 13.30, our son with abdominal pains was admitted to the Balashikha regional hospital by ambulance. On duty was a pediatric surgeon Ismagilova Guzalya Bakhodyrovna. She examined her son, and she performed the operation on the same day in the evening from 19.30 - 21.30 to remove phlegmonous appendicitis.
After the operation, she told me (my mother) that there was bleeding during the operation, but it was stopped, a ligature was placed. Prescribed to put on a drip and pain reliever. She convinced me that everything is fine, do not panic and the child will sleep until morning. I believed her, believed the doctor. How I reproach myself for this.
To play it safe, she didn’t put in a drainage tube, she didn’t put in a urological catheter either. But this could indicate internal bleeding.
She did not give any instructions to the nurses.
After 24.00 no one entered the ward and did not observe the child's condition.
At 5.20 am on September 27, the child was at the stage of clinical death. They tried to reanimate him for 2.5 hours, but to no avail. Our child, our immensely beloved boy, Kirillka, was no longer breathing. He died from internal bleeding, from the inaction of a doctor who did not fulfill her direct professional duties.
In a hospital where telephones did not work and no one cares about it. The elevator is old, which is lifted by an unreachable elevator. There is no resuscitation on the floor where the children are after the operation. She is in another wing of the hospital and while you wait for the elevator, you can die ... life goes on for seconds, and it takes 15 minutes to get there, because the sister runs to the intensive care unit for 5 minutes, then they run back for 5 minutes, and only then they transport the patient to the intensive care unit ... And also an elevator ... But there is a paid ward on the floor.
In this hospital, the head of the children's surgical department closes the instruments from the laparoscope in his office, it was necessary to negotiate with him individually. We learned about this from G.B. Ismagilova herself. She claimed that she was certified to carry out such operations. The hospital is regional, the laparoscope was purchased for public money, and for some reason it was necessary to negotiate individually. Children undergo abdominal operations when there is a laparoscope. You need to know this.
Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under Article 109 Part 2. After a commission of forensic medical examination, which confirmed that the child died of internal bleeding and lost one liter of blood, which became fatal for him. A causal relationship has been established.
Ismagilova G.B. was charged. under article 109, part 2. The case is in court and court hearings are underway. In the last word, the doctor did not admit her guilt, there was no apology, no regret. She took the life of a beautiful child, and doomed us to eternal grief and tears. I played God and decided that 10 years of life is enough for our boy. There is no place for such cynical doctors in medicine. They dishonor the real doctors who are saving people.
A second criminal case was opened under Article 293 Negligence. An investigation is underway.
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