Yulia Lapteva created a petition for the death of her son at the Central City Hospital of Bataysk

14.10.2020 Антипова Мария
Petition by Yulia Lapteva. from about the death of her child. Currently, a criminal case has been opened on the death of the baby.

On August 30, 2020, my child Danil Yuryevich Laptev died in the Central City Hospital of Bataysk on June 10, 19. He was only 1 year and 2 months old.
On the morning of 08/30/2020, we noticed the child's lethargy, apathy, he did not want to eat, he vomited twice from the water he had drunk, we called an ambulance.
An ambulance team took us to the Central City Hospital of Bataysk with a diagnosis of unspecified gastritis.
At 11:15 we were received by the doctor Tvelenev Yu. L. in the emergency room. He did not examine the child in detail, did not pay attention to the child's congenital dolichosigma, as well as my allergic history and my eldest son (polynosis).
child died All this was said by me and my husband in the emergency room to the doctor and indicated in the child's medical record.
Only in appearance, without a detailed examination, the doctor prescribed two droppers with a volume of 400 ml and 200 ml.
From the droppers, the child became worse, the baby's belly swelled at 14:50. To my repeated complaints to the doctor and nurse that the child does not go to the toilet, there is no urination and fecal secretion, then the child is sick of the medications that the nurse gave us for dilution (Neosmectin and Trihydrosol), that the stomach is swollen - the doctor said, that this is normal and did not provide any help.
When I was admitted to the department, I was recommended to measure the temperature, but they asked me to buy my own thermometer.
At 18 o'clock, the nurse was given an intramuscular injection of an antibiotic, while she did not explain the purpose and course of the upcoming procedure before the injection, did not receive informed consent to carry it out, did not conduct an intradermal antibiotic test, as we saw later in the medical card this injection is only in the doctor's prescription sheet - i / m Amikacin 150 mg.
After the injection, the baby began to choke, his lips turned blue, his arms and legs became cold, his tummy was hot. This was seen by the baby's father, who brought and passed the thermometer he had bought through the window.

Now the documents do not contain a description of the child's condition after the injection, as well as further manipulations that the doctor and nurse did when they saw the child's condition deteriorating after the injection , namely, the doctor transferred us and the child to the treatment room and conducted in my presence: EC removal, which showed a pulse of 187 beats per minute, an injection of a lytic mixture, a blood sample from a vein (I was forced to hold a tourniquet on the baby's arm) and another injection “from the heart” was delivered, the name of which I did not remember.
There is no description of what is happening in the treatment room in the documents. Then I was told to carry the child to an X-ray, which showed a pronounced swelling of the stomach and large intestine, then I was told to take the child in my arms and run through the entire hospital to the other wing on the 3rd floor, while passing along an unlit staircase filled with rubbish to the intensive care unit.
The baby was admitted to the intensive care unit in a serious condition - in a state of stunning at 19:25, at 19:40 entry in the medical card - the child's condition is extremely serious, cyanosis of the lips, pressure 60/40, pulse 170, connected to a ventilator, tracheal intubation was performed , the abdomen is swollen, tense, the peristalsis cannot be heard.
At 21:00 the child fell into a coma, at 22:00 his heart stopped, he was able to start, but the baby did not hold the pressure.
At that time, they let my husband into the department, telling about the cardiac arrest and the extremely serious condition of the child, and then they asked us to sign the documents, we had not signed any documents before. The husband, in a state of shock, signed everything, begging to save his son.
At 23:55 our Danechka died.
We applied to the Bataysk Prosecutor's Office and the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against unidentified officers of the Bataysk Central City Hospital.
We want to achieve justice, we want an objective investigation, an objective check of the Central City Hospital of Bataysk, an objective check of all actions and inactions of the med. hospital workers who were carried out while our son was in the hospital.
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