I Screamer Margarita want to tell how my son was killed in the children's infectious diseases hospital in Krasnodar

05.10.2020 Антипова Мария
One cannot remain indifferent. Please read the post of Margarita Krikun.

"I Screamer Margarita want to tell how my son was killed in the children's infectious diseases hospital in Krasnodar.
Doctors of the children's infectious diseases hospital at Krasnodar st. Red partisans 6/5 killed my child!
Gres Anna Alexandrovna (senior nurse) and Plesetskaya Tatyana Anatolyevna, head of the department of the 1st children's infectious diseases hospital GUZ SKDIB showed inaction to the fatal deterioration of the condition of my son Lev Stanislavovich Krikun.a child dies in the hospital corridor We were admitted to the department on July 16, 2019 at 21:00 by ambulance. The high temperature of 39.2 worried.
In the waiting room, they diagnosed obstructive bronchitis and suspected pneumonia, the express blood test did not cause any fears, indicating only ARVI.
After examination, we were admitted to the department, where my son was given an antibiotic injection and inhalation of Pulmicort + saline solution.
At 0:30, the son's condition deteriorated sharply. He began to moan and became restless, the temperature rose to 39.5. To all my requests to come and see the child, what is wrong with him, something is wrong and he is worse off, Anna Alexandrovna Gres only offered me an antipyretic injection and was not happy that I was asking her any questions at all! And she answered - "what do you want you have obstructive bronchitis, go to sleep."
At 3:00, the son's condition worsened. He moans and cries and his temperature is again high at 39.8, he is again given an antipyretic injection with prednisolone.
At 5:00 in the morning, the baby does not sleep, moans, screams. I ask you to do something, he feels bad, but no action, in response I just hear wait for a detour! And you need to inject an antipyretic !!!
At 6:00, the baby screams, groans, and the cough intensifies. Then they decided to take us for an x-ray and took x-rays twice. The nurse who is doing this said - "nothing happened" and sent us to the department, said you will come after lunch. The child is in a pre-faint state, something urgently needs to be addressed, but we were still sent to the department.
At 7:30, the child screams and moans continuously with closed eyes and high fever, and he is again injected with antipyretic + prednisolone + noshpa + Dimidrol!
4 drugs are injected at the same time, the child only gets worse !!!
I ask for help, I beg you! And in response - "calm down, you're sick, it's normal." I'm waiting for a detour. But at the same time I can't find a place for myself, I try to find a doctor, I run looking for her in all the offices with my son in my arms.
Lyova groans and cries, no one pays attention to us from the medical staff. They pretend not to hear!
At 9:30 the manager reached us. department Plesetskaya Tatyana Anatolyevna. But she did not say anything intelligible and did not undertake anything.
I tell her look at the condition of her son, he moans and screams, which means that something is bothering him. To which she answered me with a sneer: "- he just freaks out and does not want to be in our hospital, he is simply too homely, then I will send you a psychologist!"
The son is worse, he either screams, then as if turns off and again screams. I'm scared, I'm looking for Plesetskaya, I'm begging for an X-ray and a catheter. There is nowhere to inject injections, the whole ass is blue, she slowly with a sneer - "oh calm down, we will have time to do everything, where to hurry"
After 5 minutes, an X-ray image and a description are taken from somewhere. I say it didn't work out. Plesetskaya with a sneer - "who told you that?"
Plesetskaya decides to make a dropper! Before the dropper we are called for blood biochemistry (the blood was very thick and could hardly collect it! But then in the intensive care unit they tell me that the blood is very liquid and there is even a suspicion of leukemia.
First, a liter bottle of antibiotic is dripped, then prednisone in the same amount and on prednisolone everything started - a frantic heartbeat, shortness of breath, belching, and gas in the baby. I shout, come up to him in general bad! Plesetskaya is again funny and cheerful - "she says everything is fine." It takes 15 minutes to call again, I ask you to listen to Plesetskaya's heart in response, what does the heart have to do with it, he has bronchitis! And this is a pediatrician of the highest category! Shame!!!
If I had not called her, she would not have been suitable at all, and prednisone, as I later read, is dripped strictly under the supervision of a doctor !!!
Nearby, the mothers lying in the boxes began to swear with Plesetskaya telling her why you don't see your child dying, even we are not doctors who see it! To which Plesetskaya answered them - “it's none of your business, go after your children, look better !!!
"... why don't you see, your child is dying, even we do not see the doctors! To which Plesetskaya replied -" it's none of your business, go after your children, look better "

When my baby began to completely suffocate and cough, his heart was pounding madly, his eyes no longer opened, only then they brought a resuscitation doctor, who took my son, already in serious condition, to intensive care!
They didn’t let me into the intensive care unit. The head of the intensive care unit came out and said that my son's condition was serious and that his left lung had shrunk in half!
And already from 0:30 I asked and belittled for help, but no one even wanted to listen !!!
But again, for reasons not clear to me, the resuscitation doctor prescribed conservative treatment when it was already necessary to take emergency measures !!!
On July 17, 2019, my son stayed in intensive care, and they sent me home and said if it gets worse, we will call you.
07/18/2019 at 10:00 a call from the resuscitation department - "urgently come to the child worse, surgical complication of the lung."
Upon arrival in the intensive care unit, I am informed that "the condition has worsened, blood and plasma are urgently transfused."
Doctors come out. I see how blood is periodically carried in containers! Another hour passes! We wait!
I read prayers! Crying ..., !!!!
13:20 the doctor comes out and says - "we could not help your child"
They first brought him to such a state by inaction, and then they began to inject mad doses of drugs !!!
As a result, stomach bleeding, bleeding of the lungs, bleeding of the kidneys, cerebral edema, pulmonary edema began!
And all this time my son, in such a serious condition with a temperature of under 40, lay in the corridor, where the windows were constantly opened.
I asked to close. They didn't listen to me.
Why didn't they immediately provide emergency assistance? Is this the Hospital?
Why was my child Dying in such agony?
Plesetskaya smiled and said, “calm down, it's okay!
My son was only 1 year and 11 months old.
After the news of the death of our son, we were sent for an autopsy to an infectious diseases hospital for adults, although the children's infectious diseases hospital has its own morgue and its own pathologist.
They were not taken on specials. transport, but on a broken-down ten in a box !!!
The autopsy was carried out outside working hours after closing!
The head of the chief doctor and the head of the infectious diseases department came to the autopsy and the whole autopsy process was filmed.
The death certificate was issued only at 18:00.
The doctors could not tell clearly as a result of what the death of my son came. They began to say that my husband and I had bad genetics, after which they assumed that my son was bitten by infectious mosquitoes, then by rodents. As a result, they said that he had a diseased liver from birth and because of the liver, and death occurred!
I wanted to talk to a pathologist. When I went to the pathologist Ledenko and Svetlichnaya began to run into the office one by one and say to the pathologist - "Well, we went, right?" There was a feeling that they were worried that the pathologist would suddenly tell me something superfluous!
So he said that his son's liver was sick not for 2 years, as Ledenko and Svetlichnaya claim, but for about 1-2 weeks, or maybe less, and obviously did not finish, apparently he was afraid to take responsibility!
I asked about the pancreas the pathologist said - "it was in perfect condition."
I believe that the liver just burned out from the drugs injected in large doses! And the doctors know about it, but they are trying to hide it carefully !!!
I have filed for the initiation of a criminal case on the fact of the negligence of doctors and currently a criminal case has been opened on the death of my son.
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